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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

P.O. Box 620832, Middleton, WI 53562


SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Country of Citizenship: United States

Secret Security Clearance

Position Title: Supervisory Veterans Employment Specialist, Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS)

Vacancy Announcement: MS-18-CHI-VETS-0001


Core Competencies


Program Direction, Planning/Developing/Implementing/Modifying State Programs, Strategic Planning, Budget Management, Resource Allocation, Multiple-Organization Interface, Administrative Management, Organizational Leadership, Sound Decision-Making, Policy Development, Oral/Written Communication, Conflict Resolution, Instructional Training, Human Resources, Instructor/Small Group Facilitator, Equal Opportunity, Cultural Awareness, Military-to-Civilian Life Transition, Transition Process Development, Federal Laws/Regulations, Computer/Automated Software, Web-Based Research, Business/Management Principles, People/Resource Coordination, Customer Service, Coaching/Teaching, Train-the-Trainer, Currency in Army Training and Management Systems/ Civilian Supervisor Development/Fiscal Responsibilities


Professional Experience


May 2016 - Present

88th Regional Support Command

Fort McCoy, WI

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $62,000 Annually

Supervisor: Maj. Daniel Fass Phone: 608.388.0598 May Contact

Staff Training Specialist, Pay Grade: GS-11

Effectively provide technical advisement concerning training plans/applications/programs to Regional Support Command and Director of Plans and Training for down trace units within 19-state region; includes Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS) with focus on meeting goals and complying with command directives/procedures. Support seven Unit Administrators with supervisory leadership/training to supporting the issuance of mission assignments; also ensure achievement of unit training and administrative management on daily basis.


Diligently monitor Warrior Training Tasks and Mission Occupational Specialties training for designated soldiers; identify requirements for surveys/studies on emerging/expanding technology supporting Army training/mission objectives. Direct mission performance approval/tracking processes for six Army Bands through Regional Support Command Chief of Staff to assure achievement of legal/resource management /public affairs rules/regulations in support of performing community outreach activities.

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Regularly review publications/master training schedules/unit status reports/manning reports/ inspections/test results to identify unit/individual training requirements and readiness. Skillfully coordinate draft/final summaries/charts/slides/graphs for use in presentations to leadership concerning annual planning conferences/training briefs; prepare annual training guidance. Author correspondence/printed materials/white papers for leadership as well as various memoranda needed for records and requests for training; also develop SOPs/guidance for administrative programs to support unit administrator actions and maintain training records, issue instructions, set quotas and coordinate administration. Continually interface with headquarters/other commands to ensure achievement of training requirements and serve as Army Training and Requirements Resource System scheduler and Quota Service Manager to ensure sustainment/proficiency.


Expertly develop budget projections/priorities and receive/allocate funds for multi-million-dollar programs. Coordinate training exercises, oversee battle assemblies, facilitate training conferences, and direct training/administrative management of headquarters staff and ten subordinate unit administrators. Continually employ Commanders Strength Management and Digital Training Management programs to manage metrics and unit readiness reporting; track metrics to support command readiness and monthly updates to Army Reserve and manage Commander Unit Status Reporting for Regional Support Command and down trace units.


Additionally manage weekly staff calls, monitor commander calls, serve as Internal Control Administrator for Headquarters Company to ensure achievement of Managers Internal Control Program standards, perform research and develop narratives for historical review as well as submission to higher headquarters, and manage special assignments/projects tasked to Headquarters and Headquarters Company.


September 2015 - Present

U.S. Army Reserve Command Army Music

Location: N/A

Hours Worked per Month: 30

Salary: $18,000 Annually

Supervisor: CW5 Lawrence Barton Phone: 708.339.0203 May Contact

Sergeant Major/Senior Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officer, Pay Grade E-9

In this concurrent assignment, provide well-considered advisement to Senior Officers and Command Sergeants Major regarding development/conduct/execution of Army Music operations/plans/training; assess trends and provide direction regarding achieving Army Music success across Regular Army, Army Reserve and National Guard. Advise theater HRC regarding assigning Army band members to specific Army bands both internationally as well as those serving in CONUS, and interact with USARC G1/G3/G7/G8 to analyze requirements and develop Sustainable Readiness Model to meet Objective-T and Commander s Training Guidance; also provide advisement concerning allocation of support funds.


Continually ensure that Chief, Army Music and Army Senior Leader are aware of Army Reserve Bands contributions and serve as member of FORSCAM and USARC Army Staff Bands Operational Readiness Evaluation team to ensure readiness of bands to perform professionally in support of commander s/higher headquarters strategic outreach; also provide advice concerning management of specialized musical support teams and often tasked to serve as musical conductor for groups providing community and morale support.

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Called on to provide guidance regarding training priorities and assist in decision-making on course requirements that provide training to meet senior Non-Commissioned Officer proficiency standards; also recommend SOPs/policies on behalf of U.S. Army Reserve Music. Regularly mentor band senior enlisted personnel on leadership development to maximize productivity and to support organizational effectiveness. Assess training, direct advanced/enhanced training opportunities using master class study, benchmark audition practices and reinforce training to perform successfully.


Coordinate draft versions and final summaries/charts/slides/graphs for presentation to leadership in support of annual planning conferences/training briefs, and prepare annual training guidance. Author correspondence, printed materials and white papers for leadership, and develop memoranda required for records and requests for training. Regularly develop SOPs for administrative programs to support unit administrator functions of subordinate units, verify unit strength reports and advise command on recruiting, retention and assignments.


October 2010 - Present

U.S. Army Reserve

1-338th Training Support Battalion

Fort McCoy, WI

Hours Worked per Month: 40

Salary: $15,000 Annually

Supervisor: LTC Troy J. Anhalt Phone: 224.800.7900 May Contact

Command Sergeant Major, Pay Grade E-9

As senior manager/trainer, collaborate with organization officers to ensure achieving highest levels of performance/administrative requirements to meet operational goals; provide excellent advisement concerning management development/resourcing of 100+ trainer/mentors. Strong participant in decision-making, issue assignments concerning mission and responsibilities for training outlines, and implement course of action for Active Component, Army National Guard, and Reserve Component Trainers to gain proficiencies for various service branches in preparation for deployment.


Insightfully utilize conflict resolution strengths to remediate personnel issues and assist with development of policies regarding operational support by organization members. Serve in mentorship role in developing leaders to optimize staff productivity and organizational effectiveness; was recognized for best practices in leader/soldier tracking. Hold responsibilities for instructing Armed Forces members in basic skills/leadership needed to successfully serve on specialized teams; also identify need for surveys/studies concerning emerging/expanding technology needed to support Army training/missions.


Utilize Train the Trainer in a small group setting and continually provide members with strong career counseling regarding professional/personal growth; identified leadership potential within two unit personnel and encouraged competition for Brigade-level Soldier of the Year and NCO of the Year which resulted in both nominated soldiers earning these designations. Synthesized/developed/implemented training in host nation COIN, key leader/street level involvements for deploying leadership; received positive feedback that reinforced continuing effective, top-focused training. Responsible for training unit leadership on developing high-quality personnel evaluations and implementing review/submission process that resulted in a 98% decreased rejection rate; also provided meaningful feedback to rated individual and designed leader-held training/counseling record packets considered best in Division.

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Serve as Safety Officer during high-risk activities to ensure risk management/compliance; achieved safety standards and continually mitigated potentiality for injuries, reporting one of lowest injury rates across sister organizations; unit received First Army-level Safety Awards in recognition of on/off-duty record. Successfully developed successful lead plan that transformed unit from eight-year mobilization back to Troop Program Unit-centered, which redirected mission to provide force support. Additionally, applied personal initiative in researching/networking leads to job fairs, employment opportunities and community support programs to mitigate potential hardships for 100+ transitioning soldiers/veterans in supporting reintegration into soldier-civilian life. Led ESGR and Family Action Plan training for members/families in support of reorganization and reconstitution of Reserve-status unit.


At completion of mobilization training for over 6,000 soldiers/sailors/airmen supporting Overseas Contingency Operations during Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation New Dawn, was recognized for meritorious service. Successfully completed restructuring/staffing of battalion upon personal unit s return from active duty, which significantly reduced transition impact and maintained focus on being mission-ready. Also reviewed/tracked 100+ awards/evaluations to reduce processing time while ensuring all soldiers were recognized for their service.


March1999 - Present

Remley & Sensenbrenner, S.C.

Neenah, WI

Hours Worked per Week: 35

Salary: $31,000 Annually

Supervisor: Mark Tyczkowski Phone: 920.725.2601 Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Legal Assistant

Expertly prepare wide array of legal documents including briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, trusts, agreements, contracts, affidavits and various real estate documents including closing statements; maintain electronic filing system/client records, prepare individual and corporate tax returns for clients and file with appropriate tax authorities, prepare/file new corporation documents with Department of Financial Institutions and prepare/maintain corporate records including meeting minutes and stock certificates.


Have developed high levels of proficiency in performing web-based research as well as in computer usage; cross-train and provide database support for 20-member staff. Regularly communicate with clients, outside agencies and government offices concerning processes/documentation submission to clerk of courts. For preparation of cases, conduct in-depth research into multiple sources including public records and support work of eight attorneys including preparing legal documents and, for trial preparation, organizing affidavits/exhibits, contacting individuals relevant to case(s) and compiling/analyzing g statutes, decisions, articles and documents.

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Oversee law office activities, maintain law library, recommend office methodologies for reducing errors and increasing performance, perform time-entry, account preparation/billing, statements to clients and all actions related to Accounts Receivable. Ensure currency with all professional trending and business practices by attending Continuing Legal Education courses, coordinate monthly conference attendance and facilitate presentations/speakers for 80+ affiliated members of Fox Valley Estate Planning Council; was responsible for preparing organizational newsletter.


February 2014 April 2016

Neider & Boucher, S.C.

Madison, WI

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $40,000 Annually

Supervisor: Teresa P. Neider Phone: 608.661.4500 Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Legal Assistant

In this assignment, skillfully prepared array of legal materials, i.e. briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, trusts, agreements, contracts, affidavits, real estate documents including closing statements. Diligently maintained all client records/electronic filing system and communicated with clients/agencies/government offices concerning various processes and the submittal of documents to court clerk. Skillfully investigated data and performed searches of public records for case preparation; assisted two attorneys in preparing legal documents and other case materials and led law office activities including developing affidavits of service and subpoena delivery. Incorporated office methodologies that reduced errors while improving performance; also was responsible for time-entry and costs billing/preparation of accounts and statements for clients as well as the receipt of payments and submittal for Accounts Receivable actions.


Regularly attended Continuing Legal Education to assure currency with professional trends, business practices and knowledge, coordinated drafts/final summaries, charts, slides and graphs for presentation, prepared legal opinions, authored correspondence and other printed materials, and facilitated seminar attendance and support activities.


September 2014 August 2015

U.S. Army Reserve Adjutant General School

Harvey, IL

Hours Worked per Month: 30

Salary: $13,800 Annually

Supervisor: LTC Darren S. Antal Phone: 708.339.0203 May Contact

Sergeant Major/Director of Instruction, Pay Grade E-9

Was certified as Director of Instruction for Total Army School System, with comprehensive management responsibilities over institutional courses in Human Resources, financial processes and postal services; worked closely with organizational leadership to ensure achievement of highest levels of operational goals and managed/developed course instructors. Identified needs for surveys/studies on emerging/expanding technology to support Army training/missions, assisted with decision-making, issued assignments on mission and responsibilities regarding training materials, and implemented actions for Reserve Component Instructors to assure proficiency development by students.

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Insightfully analyzed command missions/objectives and identified trends as well as any deficiencies/discrepancies to support recommendations for improvements to maintain accreditation. Served as advisor for classification/position management of training and development, and assisted in monitoring/coordinating regulatory guidance on various personnel actions, organizational structures and position management. Continually ensured HR and training section initiated/monitor training requirements and scheduled courses in Blackboard; assisted in development of policies supporting operations and directing administrative programs.


Skillfully coordinated draft versions/final summaries, charts, slides and graphs for use in presentations to leadership to support annual planning conferences/training briefs and developed guidance for annual training. Authored correspondence and printed materials for management, and developed memoranda required for records and requests of training. Continually tracked referrals to ensure strong support for recruitment/retention, mentored team concerning leadership development to assure highest levels of productivity/effectiveness of instructors/instruction, and regularly facilitated small group instruction utilizing Train the Trainer approach.


Effectively counseled on professional/personal growth and career development, served as senior enlisted leader in absence of Command Sergeant Major including leading promotion board activities, ensured safe conduct of unit rifle qualification ranges with 99% qualification and zero injuries, and utilized regulatory guidance to implement the Army Instructor Badge Program for benefit of school instructors.


December 2003 September 2010

U.S. Army Reserve

484th Army Band

Milwaukee, WI

Hours Worked per Month: 40

Salary: $8,500 Annually

Supervisor: CW4 Pablo Alcaraz Phone: 815.608.9880 May Contact

First Sergeant/Senior Enlisted Bandleader, Pay Grade E-8

Collaborated with lead organizational officer, as senior manager/trainer, to ensure achievement of optimum performance/administrative requirements and echelon-directed goals; administered regulations, established policies, Human Resources, training, operations, soldier readiness, physical security, Family Care Plans, counseling, evaluations and benefits.


Additionally was conductor for 40-soldier musician band providing military/civilian community support; unit directives included providing memorials for fallen soldiers/veterans, serving as combat-force multipliers and instilling national pride. Set training priority, assisted in decision-making process to achieve proficiencies toward accomplishing assigned missions, recommended SOPs to meet performance goals for inspections/internal reviews and assisted in development of operational policies for organizational members.


Continually employed knowledge/experience to provide advice on management, development and resourcing of special teams; regularly used conflict resolution skills to remediate personnel conflict issues, and mentored members toward leadership development to increase staff productivity/leadership and thus enhance organizational effectiveness. Was recognized for Best Practices in Leader/Soldier Tracking.

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Regularly utilized master class study, benchmarked audition practices and reinforced training of members toward successful performance as members of specialized teams; employed Train the Trainer concept for small groups facilitation, verified unit strength reports and provided commander with input concerning personnel recruiting, retention and assignments.


Received Legion of Merit award for outstanding leadership, strong initiative, attaining superior standards of excellence for assigned organization and across Regional Support Command area of responsibility and Training and Doctrine Command as lead trainer with a commitment to soldier readiness and intense focus on safety. Also was recognized for meritorious service in managing 84th U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Command Band, focusing on operational readiness, safety and Army standards.


August 2002 December 2003

U.S. Army Reserve

U.S. Army Drill Sergeant School, 84th Division (IT)

Milwaukee, WI

Hours Worked per Month: 40

Salary: $8,500 Annually

Supervisor: 1SG Peter Running Phone: 920.420.2185 May Contact

Sergeant First Class/Drill Sergeant Leader, Pay Grade: E-7

Served as primary trainer as well as mentor/supervisor for 80+ Drill Sergeant candidates; utilized effective communication and ensured training in areas that included counseling, fitness, basic warrior skills and weapon systems; also regularly provided supportive career development counseling for professional/personal growth. Utilized small group facilitation in Train the Trainer settings, instructing over 100 Drill Sergeant candidates under Operation Noble Eagle.


Was responsible for planning/developing satellite training site for U.S. Army Reserve Drill Sergeant School in alignment with policies/regulatory guidance; increased recruitment and successful certification of qualified Drill Sergeants to meet shortfall for qualified trainers to support unit missions. Developed trainer assignments regarding mission/responsibility covering instruction program training materials, and served as Safety Officer during high-risk events to ensure risk management/compliance, including qualification and field exercises during certification phases of candidate training cycle. Also managed student personnel/training certification records according to regulatory guidance and proponent accreditation requirements, and was recognized for meritorious service for establishing additional Drill Sergeant School in Neenah, WI; 60% of students trained also graduated With Honors at completion of phased training at Fort Knox, KY.


July 1999 August 2002

U.S. Army Reserve

3rd Battalion, 274th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, 84th Division (Institutional Training)

Neenah, WI

Hours Worked per Month: 40

Salary: $8,500 Annually

Supervisor: CPT Jerry Hameister Phone: 920.720.2212 Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Sergeant First Class/Senior Drill Sergeant Leader, Pay Grade: E-7

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Held comprehensive responsibilities as Senior Drill Sergeant/Trainer/Supervisor for Drill Sergeants and Basic Combat Trainees; utilized effective communication and provided counseling, fitness training, basic warrior skills and weapon systems training as directed by regulations as well as Training and Doctrine Command standards. Was mobilized as member of Task Force 84 during Operation Noble Eagle, with directives to train soldiers returning to active duty from Individual Ready Reserve. During assignment earned Training and Doctrine Command Certification as Drill Sergeant Instructor; delivered all aspects of Drill Sergeant training to individuals to ensure capabilities to serve as trainers for in-coming soldiers.


Assigned trainers and advised on mission/responsibilities for instructional materials; performed in-processing/developmental/event-oriented counseling, records management and personnel oversight. Also completed advanced coursework to gain certification as Human Resources/Administrative Specialist; was designated as Honor Graduate and was also awarded Army Achievement Medal for demonstrating Basic Combat Training Platoon Sergeant/Trainer capabilities. In this capacity placed focus on team assistance, instruction and conflict resolution toward goal of achieving positive/safe learning environment.


During tenure with Task Force 84/Operation Noble Eagle was recognized for outstanding achievement; also facilitated seven-day Inactive Ready Reserve train-up Program of Instruction and gained Drill Sergeant Instructor Certification with U.S. Army Infantry Drill Sergeant School, Fort Benning, GA.


December 1994 March 1999

Steinhilber, Swanson, Mares, Marone & McDermott

Oshkosh, WI

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $19,200 Annually

Supervisor: J. James McDermott, Colleen Bissett Phone: 920.720.2212 Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Legal Assistant

Expertly prepared array of legal documents, i.e. briefs, pleadings, appeals, wills, bankruptcy schedules, partnership agreements, contracts, affidavits and real estate documents; maintained client records and electronic filing system, communicated with clients/outside agencies/government offices concerning various processes and submitted documents to the court clerk. Conducted research on crucial data including public records during case preparation; provided important case-preparation support to three attorneys including developing legal documents, organizing affidavits/exhibits and contacting persons involved with case(s). Analyzed statutes/decisions/articles/documents and coordinated wide array of law office activities, including producing affidavits and delivering subpoenas.


Prepared/filed new corporation documents with Department of Financial Institutions and prepared/maintained corporate books, including preparing minutes as well as stock certificates. Continually demonstrated computer skills in word processing/using emails/managing databases, regularly contributed suggestions on methodologies for improving office performance while reducing errors, updated standard forms, maintained law library, and was responsible for submitting billing/payment information.

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October 1993 December 1994

U.S. Marine Corps

Morale, Welfare and Recreation Division

Marine Logistics Base

Albany, GA

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $10,600 Annually

Supervisor: MAJ Tony Wunderlich, Ann Warrington Phone: N/A Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Secretary: Grade: NAFI

Expertly performed multiple secretarial duties assisting Division/Branch leadership; was responsible for collecting ticket purchase funds for Base-sponsored events, recreational venue fees and facility rentals; provided accounting information to department for processing and deposit of monies, and managed petty cash to meet divisional office internal requirements. Adroitly performed multiple administrative duties including records management, document preparation, communication and review of reports/outgoing correspondence. During absence of Division Head secretary performed executive secretary duties that included maintaining calendar, scheduling appointments/meetings, supervising other employees in performing various clerical/typing duties and assigning/reviewing work.


Regularly assisted Human Resources Officer in preparing various personnel actions as well as communication; utilized word processing software, email systems and facsimile/reproduction equipment. Provided important support for Marketing Branch Director by using creative skills and graphics/automated marketing software to produce event announcements/flyers promoting Marine activities, tickets and installation activity passes for purchase. Authored correspondence/documents as directed by Department Head and in compliance with regulations/policies; also processed mail and prepared internal spreadsheets


June 1991 October 1993

U.S. Army, School of Music

Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base

Norfolk, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 70

Salary: $28,500 Annually

Supervisor: CPT Angela Hines Phone: 920.420.2185 Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Staff Sergeant/Senior Drill Sergeant, Pay Grade: E-6

At tri-service (Army/Navy/Marine Corps) School of Music served as advanced individual training Senior Drill Sergeant, with responsibilities covering supervision/management/training of soldiers completing overlapping phases of six-month training cycle. Trained over 200 individuals in basic warrior skills/instructional leadership to support successful team support; advised Commander on policies/SOPs/initial-entry soldier training, updated Student Company Handbook, conducted briefings/orientation for new soldiers, and consistently communicated with individuals to ensure counseling, physical fitness and warrior skills met readiness standards at graduation.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 10 of 14


Diligently enforced standards, recommended actions regarding Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), processed actions, and prepared/maintained personnel records and certifications to Training and Doctrine Command accreditation standards. Played key role in assisting planning/leadership of soldiers in five field training exercises, and demonstrated the need for sharing responsibilities and being vigilant in accounting for $250,000+ in weapons/equipment; continually emphasized importance of safety and recorded zero losses/injuries during training. As Safety Officer during high risk events, including range qualification and field training, successfully effected risk management and safety compliance; also enforced physical safety standards as lead officer overseeing information and asset safeguarding.


Was Certified as Licensed Government Vehicle Driver; earned Driver Badge with Wheel Device for safety/maintenance of assets and personnel over 12-month period, with 10,000 accident/violation-free miles. Also facilitated organizational Army Emergency Relief Program to assure awareness and benefits for soldiers/families. Was Voting and Tax Assistance officer, with responsibilities for providing guidance regarding tax filings, absentee ballots and procuring information/programs to assist personnel.


Served as Musician with U.S. Army School of Music groups including Faculty Concert Bank and Woodwind Quintet and supported Rehearsal Division as oboist; maintained proficiency in instruments while serving as Drill Sergeant/senior trainer. Also completed six-month conductor course and was selected to serve as rehearsal conductor on School of Music staff. Implemented trainee leadership program to support basic leadership/responsibility for fellow soldiers at start of military career; successfully mentored two soldiers who earned Student of the Month and were selected as Honor Graduates. Was also recognized for meritorious service by providing caring leadership, exceptional counseling and administrative management supporting the needs of the training organization as well as the Army.


January 1991 May 1991

U.S. Army

Community and Family Support Center, Morale, Welfare and Recreation

Alexandria, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $28,500 Annually

Supervisor: Victor Hurtado Phone: 571.331.6445 May Contact

Staff Sergeant/Production Assistant-U.S. Army Soldier Show, Pay Grade: E-6

As the Production Assistant directed 30 staff members/cast/crew with multiple skill sets; led physical fitness sessions to assure personnel readiness and continually ensured that lodging/meals/personal welfare needs were met to support the production/tour. Provided administrative support for personnel actions/scheduling/coordination of flights and travel and prepared duty orders.

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Continually demonstrated computer literacy in use of word processing software, facsimile equipment and telephones to expedite correspondence/reporting; also carefully utilized/maintained government vehicles while conducting organizational business. Interacted with public affairs officer at Pentagon to coordinate media support for show presentation and worked closely with other Pentagon officials to ensure opening night activities reflected regard for customs/courtesies. Developed/delivered invitations to Department of Defense/U.S. Army offices for opening night events, as directed by military protocol/regulatory guidance; also maintained records and provided data for reports/staff briefings.


As Protocol Officer for performances, coordinated with 47 CONUS installations and 14 major Army commands, and facilitated support/information for Under-Secretary of the Army, executive staff members and families in Military District-Washington and abroad. Was recognized for meritorious achievement in performance of duties/administrative management that supported needs of organization and Army s 1991 show production.


February 1988 January 1991

U.S. Army

2nd Armored Division

Fort Hood, TX

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $25,200 Annually

Supervisor: CW2 Otis French Phone: N/A May Contact

Staff Sergeant/Oboe Player/Human Resources/Administrative Specialist, Pay Grade: E-6

Demonstrated skill levels on one primary/two secondary instruments and performed with concert/ceremonial/marching bands as well as woodwind quintet; also was ceremonial band conductor for Leader Course graduation events. Served as squad leader for nine-member team, overseeing professional development, welfare, physical fitness and warrior skill readiness; directed field training exercises in conjunction with military police unit to enhance performance strengths while meeting security/detainee responsibilities. Continually employed effective counseling to ensure maintenance of physical fitness/skills to meet readiness requirements, in preparation for career progression, and enforced all organizational standards/recommended actions regarding UCMJ while processing actions within regulations.


In addition to role of primary musical specialist served as administrative specialist and senior Human Resource officer; implemented administrative processes in support of 40-member organization and cross-trained/mentored five individuals in HR/administrative functions beyond military skill specialty to ensure continual administrative operations. Designed desktop reference continuity book that streamlined various processes including personnel actions; also received Division-level recognition as unit Representative for the Personnel Actions Center.

Diligently served as Automated Data Processing Security Officer; assured security of equipment/information and provided system maintenance/updates, troubleshooting as needed to minimize downtime. Also designed data tracking/reports supporting unit staff and records maintenance, and provided advisement to Commander/First Sergeant on personnel actions/communications/related reports/UCMJ processing/pay inquiries. Provided counsel concerning benefits, and assisted in preparing unit policies as well as administrative/training SOPs.

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Was considered Subject Matter Expert on preparing/processing Evaluation Reports, updated Additional Duty Appointments/Policy Letters to ensure adherence to inspection standards, conducted orientation actions for new soldiers, emphasizing sponsorship, and prepared/maintained training records as stipulated by regulations/organizational policies. Worked closely with personnel to develop sense of shared responsibility/accountability for assigned equipment and facilities and continually enforced security requirements, as lead officer, for safeguarding information/assets. Held additional duties as licensed government vehicle driver and regularly performed preventive maintenance checks/service on vehicles.


Taskings also included planning/managing unit training while working with operations to ensure physical readiness/performance would meet 100% pass rate; led physical fitness program that increased unit performance and supported junior leaders on methods for instructing program, which served as a confidence/leadership development opportunity. Scheduled/prepared school attendance, recommended processes to reduce errors and achieve completion goals, coordinated unit training and prepared/managed training schedules. Was recognized for meritorious achievement in providing continuous support as Army Band Soldier Musician of near continuous deployments of the 2nd Armored Division and 3rd Mobile Armored Corps for Operation Desert Shield.


March 1987 December 1987

County of Riverside

Data Processing Department

Riverside, CA

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $15,000 Annually

Supervisor: Debbie Arduini Phone: 951.955.3500 May Contact

Word Processing Operator

Provided expert secretarial/receptionist support for three departmental officers/45 computer programmers; skillfully utilized word processing/spreadsheet software to develop highly accurate reports/communications and disseminated materials according to departmental guidelines. Oversaw 15-line switchboard for satellite office of Data Processing Department and ensured clear communication with record-keeping areas; also assured time-sensitive messages were completed to support immediate responses of computer programmers/IT specialists in public offices/county departments including emergency and law enforcement agencies.


Skillfully troubleshot IT-related issues with photocopiers/facsimile equipment/telephone systems, took lead role in decision-making concerning oversight/training of support staff, and distributed work assignments to assure optimization of administrative staff workload and performance. Requisitioned office supplies, prepared meeting rooms for conferences and coordinated food/beverage service. Also served as Executive Secretary for Department Head and coordinated travel arrangements, correspondence, emails and departmental reports.


December 1986 March 1987

Kelly Services

Riverside, CA

Hours Worked per Week: 30

Salary: $6,800 Annually

Supervisor: Site Manager Phone: 951.686.3112 May Contact

Clerical Staff

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 13 of 14


As secretary and receptionist, demonstrated proficiency in use of word processing software and performed array of clerical-related support activities for agency business clients; processed reports/correspondence, managed multi-line telephone systems in directing incoming/outgoing communications, and provided support for three departmental officers and 45 computer programmers. Additionally received vendors/visitors and directed individuals to appropriate personnel/department.


May 1986 December 1987

U.S. Army Reserve

300th Army Bank

Bell, CA

Hours Worked per Month: 20

Salary: $1,200 Annually

Supervisor: CW4 Peter Mittelstadt Phone: N/A Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Sergeant/Oboe Player/Human Resources Specialty: Pay Grade: E-5

Diligently maintained proficiency in playing primary as well as secondary instruments while participating in the concert, ceremonial and marching bands as well as the woodwind quintet; also was the personnel administrative sergeant for 40-person unit preparing military personnel actions, orders, finance records/pay inquiries, evaluation reports and awards while managing personnel records. Expertly supported unit-level SOPs/regulations.


June 1986 September 1986

U.S. Army

Headquarters Company

Fort Sheridan, IL

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $11,400 Annually

Supervisor: Shirley Griner Phone: N/A Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Clerk/Typist, Grade: GS-3, Step 4

For Headquarters Command and Battalion staff effectively processed mail and prepared correspondence/personnel actions/reports utilizing internal spreadsheets and automated systems; demonstrated computer literacy in use of word processing software, expertly used telephones and facsimile equipment to receive/direct communications, received visitors and provided administrative support in conducting organizational business.


July 1983 May 1986

U.S. Army

4th U.S. Army Band

Fort Sheridan, IL

Hours Worked per Month: 40

Salary: $18,000 Annually

Supervisor: CW3 Dennis Stone Phone: N/A Contact Applicant Prior to Contacting Supervisor

Sergeant/Oboe Player/Administrative Specialist: Pay Grade: E-5

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 14 of 14


Skillfully played one primary/two secondary instruments and performed in concert, ceremonial and marching bands as well as the woodwind quintet; also served as a soldier/musician performing role of administrative personnel sergeant for 40-member unit. Was tasked with performing technical/analytical/advisory duties with higher headquarters, to complete various administrative reports/personnel actions on behalf of commander. Also coordinated inspections, managed records and utilized various office equipment for maintaining records as well as preparing correspondence. Regularly communicated with higher headquarters/civilian agencies to support unit operations/training, prepared personnel work performance reviews and awards, and maintained personnel records.


Established/implemented SOPs/guidelines to ensure that regulations and established policies/procedures met higher headquarters objectives and was recognized for meritorious service in providing unit administration, meeting assigned duties, and for maintaining efficiency that affected career management and required personnel action support of unit members.




University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Bachelor s Degree, Administrative and Organizational Leadership; currently pursuing, anticipated graduation 2019

GPA: 3.38

Semester/Credit Hours: 88

US Army Leadership Schools

Sergeants Major Academy, 2009

Exceeded Course Standards-Superior Ratings, awarded Army Achievement Medal


First Sergeant Course, 2004; Superior Ratings


Advanced Noncommissioned Officer Course - Army Training and Administration, 2002,

Honor Graduate


Training and Doctrine Command Drill Sergeant Instructor Certification, 2002

Combat Lifesaver Course, 1999

US Army Drill Sergeant School, 1991; Commandant's Award Recipient

Basic Noncommissioned Officer Course Army Band, 1990

Army Training and Administrative - Army Combat Computer Systems, 1989

Primary Leadership Development, 1987




American Legion Post 448 - Member

Selected as the 2008 Reserve Soldier of the Year, State of Wisconsin




Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

P.O. Box 620832, Middleton, WI 53562


SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Country of Citizenship: United States

Secret Security Clearance

Position Title: Supervisory Veterans Employment Specialist, Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS)

Vacancy Announcement: MS-18-CHI-VETS-0001




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Dear :


I am currently seeking a challenging assignment as a Supervisory Veterans Employment Specialist for Veterans Employment and Training Services (VETS) and am submitting my resume for your review. As demonstrated in the accompanying resume, my professional qualifications include an upcoming Bachelors Degree in Administration and Organizational Leadership and more than 30 years of military as well as private sector service.


Since 2015 I have served the Army Reserve Command as a Sergeant Major and Senior Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officer, with the Army Band, and was the only selected senior enlisted in the field specialty to influence, advance and be responsible for shaping current Army strategic support. I regularly support higher headquarters at my location and was responsible for implementing the plans, organization and execution of the 100th Commemoration Ceremony of the Support Command, wherein military honors to the fallen were presented. As a military technician I provide support for multiple personnel levels including advisement as well as execution of special projects and serve in a lead role for most organization activities.


Additionally, as a Staff Training Specialist, beginning in 2016, I have been providing technical advisement to the Regional Support Command and Director of Plans and Training at Fort McCoy, Wisconsin; in this role I facilitate use of the Army Training Requirements and Resource System (ATRRS) and continually emphasize meeting goals while complying with command directives and procedures. I am tasked with providing supervisory leadership and training to unit administrators in issuing mission assignments and ensure the achievement of unit training and administrative management on daily basis.


I also monitor warrior training and mission occupational specialties training for certain designated soldiers, and identify requirements for surveys and studies on emerging or expanding technologies that support Army training and mission objectives. In addition to these responsibilities I direct various processes for six Army Bands as part of the command s community outreach program.


Concurrently, since 2010 have served as a Command Sergeant Major, Pay Grade E-9, for the Army Reserve, 1-338th Training Support Battalion at Fort McCoy. Over my career I have held numerous other positions which are more fully described in the attached resume.



Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page Two



I also a supporter of SHARP and EO, and have served as a youth leader in the civilian communities, holistically in church, scouting and coaching competitive soccer.


During my tenure with the military, as well as in the private sector, I have exhibited a commitment to quality and consistent compliance with critical governing directives, standards, policies and procedures. I am confident in my ability to deliver immediate and long-term results, and you will find me to be a performance-driven leader and collaborative team player focused on achieving and surpassing goals.


I am eager to discuss how my qualifications match your needs, and look forward to interviewing with you at your earliest convenience. In advance, I thank you for your time and consideration.





Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy


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