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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Country of Citizenship: United States

Position Title: Deputy Regional Administrator

Vacancy Announcement: 18-HUD-129-P


Core Competencies


Regional Administrator Representative, Technical Consultative Advisement on Regional Management Issues, Operating Protocols Implementation, Regional Action Plan Management, Program/Services Delivery, Field Office Management, HUD Outreach/Operations/Administrative Functions, Appraisal Oversight, Personnel Management and Training, Quality Control, Waiver/Approval Oversight, Complex Property Evaluations, USPAP and HUD Program Requirements, FOIA Requests, Team Leadership, Best Practices Development,

Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Suite, Windows Operating system and Mac OS X operating software.


Professional Experience


July 2016 - Present

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Denver, CO

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $101,217 Annually

Series: 1171 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13-3

Supervisor: Amy K. Trujillo Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact

Supervisory Review Appraiser

Effectively manage and oversee completion of appraisals/field reviews developed by HUD staff and contract appraisers, utilizing expertise to ensure accuracy of reports/evaluations; also tasked with management responsibilities concerning Partial Releases requiring HUD approval and waivers from HUD guidelines. Additionally assure highest levels of Quality Control for condominium project submissions to be included in HUD rosters; develop insightful and well-considered evaluations of complex properties.


Continually support and enforce adherence with USPAP and HUD program requirements, as stated in HUD handbooks and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), and recommend disciplinary actions against any violators. Expertly mentor internal/external customers and develop QC reviews regarding performance of internal appraisal staff while resolving complex valuation issues. Facilitate regular training of staff personnel and hold responsibilities for performing research and developing responses to Controlled Correspondence and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.



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July 2015 July 2016

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Denver, CO

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $90,779 Annually

Series: 1171 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13-1

Supervisor: Gregory Schroeder Phone: 303.839.2660 May Contact

Senior Review Appraiser

Continually utilized subject matter expertise and knowledge of HUD directives and USPAP procedures in providing direction to lenders and government agencies; reviewed FHA-focused appraisals including Uniform Residential Appraisal Reports (URAR/FNMA 1004), Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Reports (FNMA 1025), Condominiums (FNMA 1073) and Manufactured Home Appraisal Reports (FNMA1004C), as well as supporting documentation, to assure accuracy and compliance with current principles and practices.


Served as team leader and regularly trained appraisal staff on best practices and regularly assessed work performance to ensure maintenance of highest quality standards. Performed field reviews of roster/contract appraisers to assure compliance with FHA and USPAP requirements and recommended any needed disciplinary actions for non-compliance or other violations. Was regularly called on to resolve various valuation issues, typically concerning complex problems, i.e. special zoning, environmental hazards, leased lands, community land trust, income-producing properties and properties involving unusual easements/encumbrances/agreements. When necessary, advised underwriters concerning needed considerations vis- -vis HUD cases.


Determined mortgage insurance approvals for condominium projects as well as approvals for waivers for cisterns, wells and flipping activities, among others. Diligently researched and prepared responses to Controlled Correspondence/FOIA requests. During 2015 was nominated as Employee of the Year in recognition of outstanding performance and leadership.


July 2012 July 2015

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

Atlanta, GA

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: $78,238 Annually

Series: 1171 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12-3

Supervisor: Malcolm Jefferson Phone: 678.732.2668 Contact Applicant first before contacting supervisor


Appraised properties for the Single Family Homeownership Center (SFHOC) and performed field/desk reviews of appraisals performed for FHA Mortgage Insurance requirements; assured compliance with FHA as well as USPAP requirements. Also reviewed HUD valuations and supporting documentation to ensure accuracy and supportability and that current principles and techniques were applied by appraiser; reviewed/resolved valuation issues concerning complex issues and provided guidance to involved parties concerning HUD policies/practices.

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Regularly facilitated training for staff, appraisers and members of trade organizations; was responsible for recommending any needed disciplinary actions as well as approving of condominium or cooperative projects for mortgage insurance.


While at Processing and Underwriting (PU) branch, collaboratively interfaced with colleagues regarding following proper course of action as delineated by HUD/CFR regulations, local and national policies and manuals/handbooks/circulars. Was successful in exceeding work performance expectations as well as identifying process improvements for unit.


During tenure in assignment developed an Appraisal Review Form (AFR) using MS Word and designed a PDF report that recorded appraisal shortfalls for easier issue identification. Was team leader with responsibilities for developing new appraisal handbook for Atlanta Homeownership Center (AHOC) and was SME for 203K extensions request process.


Worked closely with PU branch manager to develop cistern waiver solution for U.S. Virgin Islands and developed 203K extension request check list to support extension approvals. Additionally instructed on Condominium Project Approval Process for direct endorsement underwriters/lenders in Puerto Rico and instructed on the FHA Appraisal Process and Guidelines for use in Puerto Rico and Atlanta.


August 2009 February 2012

Bank of America/Landsafe

Plano, TX

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $123,800 Annually

Supervisor: James Contino Phone: 480.772.8092 May Contact

Vice President/District Manager

Held comprehensive responsibilities for managing valuation products for Orlando MSA; oversaw work performance of 15 appraisers/review staff and $3M+ in gross revenues. Reviewed high-value residential properties valued in the $2.5M-$5.5M range, serving as bank representative on valuation issues with local realtor boards, real estate developers, fee appraisers, buildings and state/local government.


Ensured departmental guidelines aligned with industry/regulatory policies particularly Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (H.R. 4173) and developed best practices plans for national implementation. Skillfully resolved conflicts and developed internal training modules to disseminate information concerning required changes; also developed quality improvement processes for bank valuation activities.


Provided feedback on organizational planning particularly regarding risk; concerns included withdrawal from correspondent lender business, roll-out/implementation of FHA appraisals for staff appraisers, use of vendors and contract negotiation for new appraisal software. Developed strategic planning regarding allocation of staffing needs, management of existing HR assets and dealing with future staffing requirements as well as contract outsourcing.

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Managed staff work performance and provided coaching/counseling to meet/exceed goals; also ensured timely, cost effective and quality appraisals for business partners and continually provided training and presentations while maintaining effective relationships with partners, mortgage bankers and real estate stake holders.


Designed best practices for staff and direct fee appraisers, directed clients on bank s lending policies, was SME for FHA procedures/policies and with bank s appraisal software provider,
Alamode. During tenure was successful in designing/managing performance metric tracking tool to monitor staff activities, oversaw fraud investigation in the southeast region and improved staff quality with best practice meetings and VMC reports.


April 2009 August 2009

Bank of America/Landsafe

Plano, TX

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $114,215 Annually

Supervisor: James Contino Phone: 480.772.8092 May Contact

Assistant Vice President/Regional Chief Appraiser

Held comprehensive responsibilities for reviewing appraisals to ensure acceptable methods and report integrity; maintained appraiser/auditing function for Orlando district, monitored responsiveness/quality of fee appraisers and worked closely with Customer Service/Operations to resolve appraisal quality issues. Consistently demonstrated knowledge of evaluation standards/regularly guidelines and implemented any needed policy changes.


Integrated work performance of members from both Legacy organizations into a single team; worked with staff and fee appraisers to identify quality issues in reports and to implement best appraisal practices; assisted staff in implementing current appraisal policies, provided guidance on FNMA/FHA guidelines and was part of FHA Checklist development team tasked to improve FHA product review process. Was strong contributor to Associate Voice team and assisted in identifying various organizational integration issues; also served on the Process and Procedures Committee and was considered the FHA SME by upper management.


October 2007 April 2009

Bank of America/HomeFocus

Plano, TX

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: $110,000 Annually

Supervisor: James Contino Phone: 480.772.8092 May Contact

Assistant Vice President/Assistant District Manager

In support of HomeFocus and Landsafe, designed appraisal review system that identified quality issues on reports which were used to provide proper staff training. Received Excellence Spirit Medallion for designing an interactive policy guide for staff appraisers and another Excellence Spirit Medallion for managing deployment/training of Win Total Aurora for East Region; was Aurora SME for East Region, managed East Region fraud investigations and successfully increased on-time delivery of staff and VMC reports.

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Additionally for East Region participated in FHA project implementation and training of staff/manages/administrative assistants, developed processes for handling files that were missing purchase contracts and also received an Excellence Spirit Medallion for delivering FHA training for Central and West Region appraiser/managers/administrative assistants. Held intermediary role between government and CRESS valuation, between CRESS valuation and risk for escalated questions and development of FHA FAQs; was also FHA SME for HomeFocus.


December 2004 October 2007

Bank of America/HomeFocus

Plano, TX

Hours Worked per Week: 85

Salary: $120,000 Annually

Supervisor: James Contino Phone: 480.772.8092 May Contact

Staff Appraiser

Held responsibilities for field inspecting properties, collecting/analyzing data, preparing appraisals/inspection reports, updating status of appraisal pipeline and balancing workload against turnaround times. Successfully delivered reports within required timeframes while maintaining above-expectation production; gained trust of colleagues, assisted with various software/procedural issues and assisted in working with Spanish-speaking clients. Also was District Reviewer and served as Acting District Manager as needed.


May 1997 December 2004

J.C. Appraisal Corporation

Winter Park, FL

Hours Worked per Week: 80

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Self-Employed Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact

Chief/Principal Appraiser

Successfully performed all management as well as appraisal activities for organization; reviewed appraisal reports for accuracy and quality, managed Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable activities, trained staff to ensure currency and knowledgeability on all prevailing regulations and standards, recruited/hired new appraisers and developed appraisals for highly complex properties.


During tenure, grew business from single-person operation with revenues in mid-$60K range to staff of five appraisers with billings exceeding $150K annually; territory also grew to Orlando MSA. Was successful in developing organization that gained respected reputation for quality, reliability and performance and worked with local as well as national financial institutions.


October 1996 May 1997

D.E. Brown Appraisal Services

Saint Cloud, FL

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Douglas E. Brown Phone: 407.957.3999 May Contact

Staff Appraiser

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In this assignment performed field inspections, collected/analyzed data, prepared appraisals and inspection reports for residential/non-residential properties that included office buildings, commercial properties and assisted living facilities, and developed use studies for undeveloped land.


February 1993 July 1996

Engineers Appraisers Associates

Hato Rey, PR

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Miguel Ruiz de Jesus Phone: 787.409.0874 May Contact

Senior Appraiser

Skillfully inspected properties and developed valuation conclusions/reports for multi-family projects, commercial/industrial properties, office buildings and assisted living facilities, and developed use studies for undeveloped land. Also was involved in eminent domain issues, served as expert witness in probate court regarding disposition of real estate assets, regularly reviewed other appraiser reports, provided coaching/counseling for appraisers on research techniques/methods, and assisted in negotiations for engagement contracts.


January 1992 February 1993

Atlantic Appraising

San Juan, PR

Hours Worked per Week: 60

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Ted Norbert, Jr. Phone: 787.727.3805 May Contact

Chief Appraiser/Partner

Held comprehensive responsibilities for inspecting properties, developing appropriate approaches to valuation, and authoring reports/conclusions for residential, multi-family, commercial and industrial properties; also oversaw work performance of staff appraisers as well as office operations. Successfully expanded client base to include Doral Mortgage, the largest mortgage organization in PR at the time.


Education / Training / Certification / Affiliation


Champlain Collage, Burlington, VT

Bachelor's Degree, Integrated Studies, Human Resource Management Minor, 2018

GPA: 3.83

Semester/Credits Earned: 90 Semester hours


Universidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico, Mercedita, PR

Associate's Degree, Business Administration, Management Minor, 2014

GPA: 3.6

Semester/Credits Earned: 81 Semester hours

Major: Business Administration Minor: Management

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Appraisal Institute, Macon, GA

Introduction to Green Building, 2015

Case Studies in Appraising Green, 2015


ESI International, Arlington, VA

Project Management, 2013

Leadership, Management and Communications, 2013


U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Atlanta, GA

Environmental Assessment Training, 2013


McKissock, LP, Orlando, FL

Sales Verification: Policies/Procedures & Case Studies, 2012


Appraisal Institute, Winter Park, FL

The Uniform Appraisal Dataset, 2011

Appraising Manufactured Housing, 2004


Appraisal Institute, Jacksonville, FL

Declining Markets and Sales Concessions, 2009


Appraisal Institute, Orlando, FL

Sales Concessions, 2009

Expert Witness Testimony, 2008


Gold Coast School of Real Estate, Miami, FL

Florida Appraisal Course IIB, 1996

Florida Appraisal Course II, 1996

Florida Appraisal Course I, 1996


University of Puerto Rico, Piedras, PR

Real Estate Appraising, 1994


Appraisal Institute San Juan, PR United States

Appraisal Course 101, 1991


University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, PR

Some College Coursework Completed; Civil Engineering Studies


Strayer University Online, Chantilly, VA

College coursework: Business Administration, Finance Minor

GPA: 3.4

Semester/Credits Earned: 9 Quarter Hours


Government Technical Monitor Certified through 10/04/2018

Florida Certified Residential Appraiser, RD2798


U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary Division Staff Officer

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