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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Country of Citizenship: United States

TS/SCI Security Clearance

Claiming 5 Veterans Preference Points


Core Competencies


Project Management, Network Operations Management, Personnel Management, Staffing, Security, Service Level Agreement Administration, Customer Support, Hardware/Software Enhancement/Upgrades, Operating System Installation, System Administration, Budgets, Strategic Planning, DISA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA) Management, Procurement, Technical Advisement, Troubleshooting


Professional Experience


December 2011- Present

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

Arlington, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 40-50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Chief Unclassified Network Operations (Government) GS-15

Serve as in-house IT Specialist in the Support Services Office providing system analysis, with supervisory authority over 125 contract personnel providing all unclassified IT services. Manage computer networks and continually demonstrate expertise in advanced networking technology to identify/design/analyze potential Agency efforts in providing/maintaining/improving network systems. Develop new network solutions for exceptionally complex systems that interact with multiple computer functional areas including cross-platform integration, local/shared resources, graphics, multimedia, data warehousing and communications. Tasked with analyzing agency trends/information requirements regarding business practices, process automation and productivity enhancement, and applying analyses to design/implementation of networking systems.

Expertly manage design/implementation of advanced networks; oversee performance evaluations, surveying and benchmark testing and, in response to results/findings, select optimal technology configuration to be employed including operating system and software. Ensure needed flexibility for accommodating rapidly developing network concepts from industry/government, and continually utilize strong technical leadership to develop integration strategies for achieving optimal hardware/software/communication design. Additionally design innovative technical approaches to any network issues/problems and approve any re-direction needed for network development/integration to expedite implementation while maximizing development efficiencies.

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Tasked to oversee DARPA internal computer networks including managing support personnel, identifying goals and developing standards to achieve operational efficiencies/effectiveness to meet Agency requirements. Continually apply subject matter expertise in network operating procedures/tools to assure strong network operations with capabilities for handling traffic load surges with minimal disruption.


Skillfully develop plans/policies for computer network design/operations, serve as senior technical resource for organization s Chief Information Officer, and develop programs that require utilization of advanced concepts associated with emerging technologies. Conduct feasibility/requirements analysis, systems tests and results analysis, and cost/benefit analysis of network hardware/software systems; incorporate results into briefings and reports.


Collaboratively interface with senior organization decision-makers and develop/present surfaced recommendations to management. Also continually apply knowledge regarding important leading activities in networks/network security in working closely with other highly-skilled/knowledgeable computer networking organizational personnel as well as subject matter peers in exchanging information. Skillfully serve as senior technical expert representative of Agency on panels/committees dealing with national/international standards, contribute to RFPs and participate on award-evaluation panels. Also establish/maintain network telecommunications capabilities with external networks, i.e. the Internet.


July 2010 December 2011

United States Postal Service Office of the Inspector General (USPSOIG)

Location: N/A

Hours Worked per Week: 40-50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Director of Information Technology Operations (Government) GS-14

In this assignment, fulfilled duties and responsibilities as directed by organizational management.


March 2006 July 2010

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/Wyle Information Systems

Arlington, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 40

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Network Operations Manager

Effectively steered operations for department consisting of 23 systems administrators, network engineers and Network Operations Center (NOC) Analysts; held comprehensive responsibilities for all network operations including staffing, security, adhering to Service Level Agreements, providing second/third-level customer support, hardware/software upgrades, budgeting, Award Fee presentations and coordinating/facilitating multiple projects.


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Held comprehensive responsibilities for operation, security, upgrades and functionality of all network devices as well as managing multiple individual internal and Internet-facing networks; also oversaw staffing, personnel retention, training and developing of annual performance reviews for individual Team Leaders. Skillfully designed/implemented annual strategic plan to identify specific/measurable departmental goals, assigned team members as Responsible Individuals (RIs) for each server platform and directed monthly server maintenance actions; also assigned members to special projects while assuring adequate departmental service coverage.


Was tasked to analyze/formulate/distribute plans to address DISA Information Assurance Vulnerability Alerts (IAVA) following Alerts releases, monitor status of patching levels on all servers and author/enforce OS installation guide to achieve highest achievable levels of security. Additionally, developed/tracked annual departmental budget, and served as Lead System Administrator for critical systems, providing system administration that included new implementations, hardware upgrades, maintenance, patching, monitoring, back-ups, capacity planning and security.


Successfully interacted with customers and assisted with technology direction and policy development; also authored reports covering status of projects/problems/next steps and developed/justified procurement requests to Program Management. Was strong contributing participant in status meetings/other functional groups and provided insight/input from networking perspective; regularly troubleshot major system/network infrastructure problems while assuring continual communication with customers.


During tenure with DARPA was responsible for the design/implementation of migration from MS Exchange 2003 to MS Exchange 2007; also designed/implemented two networks in organizational DMZ and two Storage Area Networks (SANs) in the DARPA Unclassified network, and performed design/upgrades of organizational external network


As Network Administrator for 210 Windows Servers 2000/2003/2008, oversaw daily maintenance/administration; gained in-depth expertise in managing/troubleshooting MS Exchange Server 2007 supporting over 1200 Exchange users, administering/troubleshooting SMS 2003/SCCM supporting WAN, and providing remote anti-virus administration with Symantec Anti-Virus Administrator Console. Implemented/maintained NetApp file servers and SANs and gained thorough knowledge of x86-based PC troubleshooting.


Also performed SMS 2003/SCCM site design/implementation/administration for 1200+ users; managed migration of site from v. 2003 to SCCM and developed strengths in building/deploying software using SMS Installer and Veritas WinInstall. Also became proficient in building SQL inventory queries via SMA and oversaw development, interoperability testing and deployment of SMS/SCCM packages for multiple OSs/applications.


July 2004 March 2006

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/RS Information Systems

Arlington, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 40-50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Server Operations and Desktop Operations Team Lead (Contractor)

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Held multiple responsibilities in managing daily workload/performance of seven MS Windows Server System Administrators as well as seven MS Windows XP Professional Engineers; steered individuals through dealing with complex computer problems and oversaw actions to assure problem resolution.


Oversaw monthly maintenance schedule/work load of DARPA Unclassified network, continually ensuring maintenance was successfully completed; also provided status updates and completion bullets to Networks Operations Manager. For Administrators and Engineers conducted annual performance reviews as well as mid-year evaluations, and monitored monthly release of MS security updates; also formulated/executed deployment strategy and supervised reporting of deployment success/failure rates.


Managed/maintained Windows Server and Desktop Engineering Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and reported compliance on monthly basis; also planned Engineering projects to include formulation and presentation of formal project plans/timelines and assigning of the lead on Engineering projects. Was tasked with planning/facilitating training as well as professional development of Server and Engineering personnel and designed processes/procedures to promote coordination between Windows Server and Desktop Engineering Group/others.


Expertly supervised Desktop Engineering employees to provide third-tier Windows XP and MacOS X support for Help Desk Analysts as well as evaluation of hardware/software/network services for DARPA. Also troubleshot hardware/software problems not resolvable by first-/second-tier Analysts and incorporated any needed changes into default system configuration. Maintained default/supported PC software on network as well as removable media for CSS Analysts and maintained in-depth knowledge of OSs, i.e. Windows NT, Windows 2000, XP and MacOS X, remote access (RAS, ARA) networking and protocol architecture (TCP/IP and Apple Talk.


Continually evaluated PC hardware/software, planned/deployed PC hardware/software installations for Intel and MAC product lines, and identified/evaluated/recommended hardware/software/services that provided new capabilities for organization. Evaluated new COTS hardware/software, determined compatibility with existing network and presented conclusions to organizational leadership.


Regularly demonstrated new hardware/software products to CSS Analysts and trained as needed; also trained Windows Server Administrators and Desktop Engineering Specialists on new technologies. Authored software installers for network pushed and published software distributions, utilizing SMS Installer, Veritas WinInstall LE and custom created installation batch files. Also tested/integrated new products as needed for organization.


May 2004 July 2004

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/RS Information Systems

Arlington, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 40-50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Desktop Engineering Team Lead (Contractor)

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Effectively planned all Engineering projects, to include formulation/presentation of formal project plans/timelines and assigning Engineering Project Lead; planned/facilitated training/professional development of Engineering staff and developed processes/procedures designed to develop coordination between Desktop Engineering Group and others. Managed Desktop Engineering staff providing third-tier Windows 2000/XP and MacOS 9/X support for Help Desk Analysts, and evaluated hardware/software/network services for DARPA.


Expertly troubleshot hardware/software problems that could not be resolved by first-/second-tier Analyst and incorporated any resulting needed changes into default system. Also maintained default and supported PC software on network and removable media for CSS Analysts and demonstrated in-depth knowledge of Windows NT/2000/XP/MacOS X OSs, remote access (RAS, ARA) networking and TCP/IP and Apple Talk protocol architecture. Evaluated PC hardware/software, planned/deployed PC hardware/software installations for Intel/Mac product lines, identified/recommended new software/hardware/services for DARPA, evaluated new COTS hardware/software, determined capability with existing network configuration/infrastructure and presented surfaced conclusions to organizational management.


Demonstrated new hardware/software to CSS Analysts, providing training as needed, and trained Desktop Engineering Specialists and Junior Engineering Specialists in new technologies. Utilized SMS Installer, Veritas WinInstall LE and customized installation batch files to write software installers for network pushed and published software distributions, and tested/integrated new products as needed by DARPA organization.


May 1999 May 2004

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency/RS Information Systems

Arlington, VA

Hours Worked per Week: 40-50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Senior Technical Support Specialist (Contractor)

In this assignment provided tier 3 support for tier 1/tier 2 Analysts, evaluated hardware/software/network services for DARPA, and implemented all needed planning. Demonstrated capabilities in assuming lead position on Tech Support Projects and was often called on to train less experienced Tech Support staff members. Administered DARPA SMS 2.0 site for 1,200+ users, troubleshot hardware/software problems not soluble by Analysts and incorporated any needed changes into default configurations. Successfully maintained default and supported PC software on network/removable media for CAC Analysts; also held in-depth knowledge of current Windows NT and Windows 2000 operating systems, remote access (RAS, ARA), and TCP/IP and Apple Talk networking/protocol architecture.


Continually reviewed upgrades for default applications, evaluated PC hardware/software, planned PC hardware/software installations and demonstrated new products to CAC Analysts, training as needed. Also trained Tech Support Specialists/Junior Tech Support Specialists in new technologies, authored software installers for networked pushed software loads, and tested/integrated new products as needed by DARPA. Developed strategies for version control on DARPA systems, identified/evaluated/recommended new software/hardware/services to provide new capabilities, and evaluated COTS hardware/software including determining compatibility with existing network, presenting conclusions to management. Was also tasked with preparing weekly status reports.

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January 1997 December 1999

7th Army Training Command (7ATC)

Grafenwoehr, Germany

Hours Worked per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Network Administrator (U.S. Army)

Served as Administrator for organization Secure Data Network and as Assistant Network Administrator for 7ATC Unclassified network; was responsible for daily maintenance, administration and troubleshooting of networks as well as troubleshooting user PCs.


December 1994 December 1999

Various Army Units located in Germany/Hawaii

Hours Worked per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Platoon Sergeant (U.S. Army)

Tasked to oversee work performance of multiple intelligence collection teams, with member numbers ranging from six to 20; managed daily production output, performed monthly/annual performance review and was responsible for resolving array of personnel issues.


November 1983 December 1999

Various Army Units located in Germany/Hawaii/CONUS

Hours Worked per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Intelligence Analyst (U.S. Army)

In this assignment collected/disseminated intelligence; obtained intelligence from multiple automation platforms, including UNIX, MS NT and classified systems. Skillfully evaluated information sources, prepared reports/summaries, presented intelligence briefings to large audiences, conducted security surveys, developed/implemented automation policies/procedures and inspected for compliance.


Education / Training


North Harris County Community College, May 1982

12 college credits earned


Central Texas College, September 1991

15 college credits earned


IPv6 Training Course, 2010

CompTIA Security + Course, 2007

CISSP Certification Achieved, 2007


CISSP Training Course, 2006

Microsoft Education, Managing Microsoft Systems Management Server 2003, 2005

Sun Solaris Firewalls, Snort, SunShield, TCP Wrappers, 2002

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Sun Solaris System Administration III/IV Course, 2002

Sun Solaris System Administration I/II Course, 2001

Microsoft Education, Updating Support Skills from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000, 2000

Microsoft Education, Plan, Implement & Support MS SMS 2.0 (MOC 828), 2000

Microsoft Education, Administering Microsoft SMS 2.0 (MOC 827), 2000

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, 1999

U.S. Army Level 4 Systems Administrator Certification, 1999

Microsoft Education, Administering Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, 1998

Microsoft Windows 95 Configuration Course, 1998.

LAN Architecture Course, 1998.

Advanced Windows NT Security Course, 1999

Microsoft Education, Administration for MS SQL Server 7.0, 1999

Microsoft Education, Implementing a Database on MS SQL Server 7.0, 1999




Certified Information Systems Security Professional CISSP

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer - MCSE





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