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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

P.O. Box 0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Top Secret Security Clearance




Job Title: Supervisory Workforce Management Specialist

Department: Department of the Army

Agency: U.S. Army Medical Command

Job Announcement Number: SWEK0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 0000094737D



Core Competencies

Technical Advisement, Medical Treatment Facility Program Oversight, The Joint Commission (TJC), HIPAA, Staffing, Problem Resolution, Program Procedures/Standards Development, Command Advisement, Response Development for: Congressional Inquiries, Army Audit Reports, IG Inspections, Grievances, EEO Inquiries, DA and OPM Surveys, Leave of Absence Approval, Grievance/Complaint Resolution, Personnel Interface, Relocation Assistance, Military/Government Civilian Family Relocation Oversight, Database Management (Database Information and Referral Software-IRIS), Personnel Processing/Orientation, Personnel Counseling, Exceptional Family Member Program Interface, Interagency Collaboration, Website Oversight, Marketing/Public Relations, Program Development, Budgets/Funding, Personnel Management, Training Needs Identification, Disciplinary Measures, Time/Attendance Manager, Government Purchase Card Holder



Professional Experience


August 2014 Present

Army Community Service

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $67,000 Annually

Supervisor: Jean Mills Phone: 580.442.6962 May Contact


Relocation Assistance Manager, GS 0101


Effectively develop comprehensive planning needed for all relocation activities concerning Fort Sill military/government civilian families; obtain necessary local housing, oversee compilation of information/referrals including client intake utilizing IRIS database system, develop procedures for new-arrival processing and coordinate all needed pre-departure soldier assistance. Coordinate/facilitate array of workshops, briefings and counseling and serve as main point-of-contact regarding all Army Community Service (ACS) programs. As needed, serve in absence


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of Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation Director to provide ACS briefings to incoming personnel; have also developed system to assure follow-up on any requirements for Exceptional Family Member Program attention/involvement.


Place strong focus on establishing/maintaining strong interagency relationships in support of providing highest levels of relocation services; work with Chambers of Commerce, School Boards, Parent-Teacher Associations, Real Estate trade organizations and community relocation Boards, and represent Base at various conferences and with private sector relocation agencies regarding relocation program practices/trends.


Assure currency of Leaders Referral Guide, Standard Installation Topic Exchange System and various websites; also design marketing strategies and public relations programs to assure awareness of relocation program opportunities and conduct various customer needs surveys to ensure that ACS programs are meeting clients/family needs. Continually identify/assess needs of individuals/families involved with relocation and offer recommendations to achieve positive outcomes.


Evaluate management/maintenance/operating procedures, prepare statistical data, develop information on expenditures based on type of funding, and identify rationale that justifies budget proposal line item expenditures. Consistently assure personal achievement of required cross-training to assure knowledgeability on all ACS programs; conduct unit needs assessments, provide feedback to ACS Director and Unit Commander and continually provide all needed referrals for specialized follow-up care.


Expertly oversee work performance of five employees, prioritizing as determined by level of assignment difficulty, employee capabilities and work scheduled. Serve as Time and Attendance Manager with responsibilities for approving leaves of absence, managing employee work schedules and overseeing status changes and labor charges. Provide expert technical oversight and work evaluation, including advisement/counsel related to work performance as well as administrative areas. Identify any developmental or training needs and make needed arrangements; also perform minor disciplinary actions, i.e. warnings, reprimands.



July 2011 August 2014

Army Community Service

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $57,000 Annually

Supervisor: Charles Jenkins Phone: 580.280.5336 May Contact


Personal Financial Readiness (PFR) Specialist, GS 0301


Adroitly planned, developed, implemented and evaluated personnel services that addressed PFR, money management, consumer affairs and emergency services; directed work performance of staff personnel, marketed PFR services, remediated array of highly involved client problems/issues and facilitated counseling for military families regarding consumer affairs, debt liquidation, and financial/budget counseling. Worked closely with individuals/families, interviewing and utilizing various assessment tools/techniques to gain insight into assets and liabilities. Developed short-/long-range financial plans and provided assistance toward

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achieving goals; when necessary negotiated with financial institutions/businesses to develop reduced/deferred payment plans and assured that necessary training was made available.


Continually assured currency of consumer library; developed consultative relationships with Commanders, facility leadership and local community members regarding various financial/consumer issues and worked closely with local businesses, federal and state agencies. When necessary, referred cases to Command for further action and reported any unfair business practices to Installation Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board; also developed local networks to enhance program delivery, maintained case records in compliance with all governing regulations and compiled/analyzed program data for use in various reports.



January 2011 March 2011

Army Community Service

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $50,000 Annually

Supervisor: Charles Jenkins Phone: 580.280.5336 May Contact


Acting Army Volunteer Corps Program Manager, GS 0301


Was tasked with promoting, managing and reporting on various activities/functions of volunteer programs; successfully oversaw individuals performing various volunteer services and ensured recognition of program participants by facilitating formal recognition ceremonies as well as official documentation/records. Continually provided excellent technical/administrative leadership for employees, managed all resources efficiently/economically and ensured that facility complied with safety, security and OSHA regulations.



October 2010 June 2011

Army Community Service

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $50,000 Annually

Supervisor: Charles Jenkins Phone: 580.248.6187 May Contact


Information, Referral and Follow-up Program Manager, GS-0101


In this assignment was tasked to establish/maintain data concerning public/private/voluntary service agencies and organizations; updated resource files on annual basis, developed various procedures for responding to information changes and participated in developing/implementing short-/long-term marketing plans.


Continually identified customer requirements and conducted intake evaluations with individuals/families; also conducted crisis intervention counseling to provide emotional support while gaining valuable information to identify appropriate assistance. Counseling also involved encouraging clients to identify other problems/issues to mitigate/prevent further family difficulties.

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Assured that community leaders, Commanders, permanent party soldiers and trainees were briefed on all available services; worked with civilian agencies and provided client referral/advocacy services including follow-up to assure service delivery. Carefully managed all resources, maintained documentation and statistics, authored needed reports and directed daily work performance, including evaluation, of two staff members. Continually led by example and utilized mentoring, counseling, training and work assignments to develop subordinate skill levels and create challenging yet positive growth environment.



August 2008 September 2010

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $48,000 Annually

Supervisor: Mary Ellen Saur Phone: 580.919.7895 May Contact


Information, Referral and Follow-up Coordinator, GS-0101


Served in absence of Center Director as needed; was responsible for planning/managing Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) to ensure that individuals were provided with all needed assistance/services; personally resolved issues or utilized services of outside agencies/contacts to remediate problems. Performed initial interviews and assessed problem(s), identifying various factors including financial/relationship/medical/educational/behavioral problems and developing plans to address these various issues, including the inclusion of other agencies as necessary.


Collaborated with Chain of Command concerning soldier rehabilitation planning, performed outreach for clients/families, prepared resource materials and conducted monthly informational/wellness training sessions for soldiers. Maintained information/resources library, prepared reports/correspondence/spreadsheets, and developed SOPs; also maintained/ordered supplies, submitted data/program reports to supervisors, utilized various automated equipment and assisted customers with use of computers.



July 2007 August 2008

Marie Detty Youth and Family Service Center

Lawton, OK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $36,000 Annually

Supervisor: Dwight Shegog Phone: 580.248.6450 May Contact


Case Manager


Skillfully conducted intake evaluations on individuals/families; provided crisis intervention/counseling for youngsters aged 12-18 and families. Assured that youths were aware of consequences of delinquent actions, maintained current information regarding various service-providing agencies and provided information on various resources to families. Assisted youngsters in gaining life skills, including resume writing, interviewing techniques, appropriate clothing choices, money and anger management, conflict resolution and how to achieve healthy

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 5 of 8


living. Ensured enrollment in appropriate educational programs and worked closely with school officials concerning grades/behaviors; also developed/monitored service plans for youngsters. Conducted briefings for Department of Human Services, Lawton Public Schools and the Oklahoma Juvenile Bureau regarding available services/programs and coordinated service delivery. Continually maintained all case logs/files and assured safety and therapeutic environment for youngsters.



June 2005 May 2007

U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 60

Salary: $48,000 Annually

Supervisor: Ikchin Sim Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Operations Sergeant/Platoon Sergeant


Managed work performance of five individuals; established work priorities, resolved issues, interpreted rules/regulations/procedures, authored/maintained operation orders and coordinated resources with involved internal/external agencies. Ensured development of requirements for training ammunition; maintained/certified Fort Sill Land Navigation Course and planned/scheduled/conducted weekly staff call. Also diligently scheduled organization visits and inspections, compiled/submitted TRADOC Status Report (TSR), was spokesperson during installation-level meetings, designed MS PowerPoint presentations, and prepared performance evaluations, award recommendations and correspondence/orders/memoranda. Also managed, trained and mentored 26 support personnel and, as Family Readiness Group Representative, developed/coordinated/implemented programs that contributed to well-being of Total Family.



August 2004 May 2005

U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Academy (NCOA)

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 75

Salary: $46,000 Annually

Supervisor: Joe Clayton Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Senior Instructor


Successfully oversaw activities of six Small Group Leaders and provided advisement to School Chief concerning multiple personnel and equipment readiness issues; developed training schedules, evaluated training and assisted in training delivery. Also ensured instructors were utilizing most current course information, facilitated small group instruction, tutored students, counseled students and maintained student files. Also administered/graded practice exercises, reviewed 900+ Academic Evaluation Reports (AER) and ensured that all certification documents were in instructor packets. Additionally, was tasked to coordinate resources and supervise the storage/recovery of small arms and pyrotechnic residue.



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July 2003 May 2004

U.S. Army, Intelligence Division

Yongsan, Armed Forces Overseas

Republic of Korea

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $44,000 Annually

Supervisor: Karl Stadler Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Administrative Manager


Supervised work output/activities of five individuals; developed individual training plans and coordinated training, and developed training schedules for directorate personnel. Anticipated manpower requirements and worked closely with HR Department to requisition personnel replacements; also assisted with converting military positions to civilian positions. Initiated actions concerning awards, personnel actions, NCOERs and OERs; also approved leaves of absence, resolved group complaints, and established processes for records maintenance, awards, performance evaluations and mail processing. Skillfully collected various data for inclusion in required reports, and served as NonCombatant Evacuation Warden to ensure preparation of 4500 U.S. citizens and other authorized non-citizens for movement to safety or repatriation to CONUS; oversaw work of ten mail clerks and was responsible for $250,000+ in government property.



July 2000 May 2003

U.S. Army Military Entrance Processing Station

Albuquerque, NM

Hours per Week: 50

Salary: $47,000 Annually

Supervisor: Thomas Harris Phone: 505.2655.1711 May Contact


Processing Section Noncommissioned Officer in Charge/Platoon Sergeant


Responsibilities included overseeing daily work performance of seven military/civilian personnel, performing staff selection, maintaining payroll records and processing personnel actions; also reviewed timecards, awards, appraisals and work product. Carefully maintained 5,000+ applicant records, arranged any needed transportation, secured accountable forms/tickets and maintained audit trails/logs/receipts of forms/tickets. Managed travel accounts and office records/files, uploaded data into MEPCOM Integrated Record System and was responsible for equipment valued at over $100,000.



August 1996 May 2000

U.S. Army Inspector General Office

Fort Sill, OK

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $43,000 Annually

Supervisor: Tommie Walker Phone: 870.643.7579 May Contact


Assistant Inspector General

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 7 of 8


In this assignment performed multiple installation-wide inspections; developed purpose for inspection actions and identified high-pay-off items. Also authored correspondence, assuring proper spelling/format/grammar, and briefed Commanders and senior leadership on inspection findings. Forwarded final reports to Commanders/agency heads and received Inspector General Action Requests (IGARs) concerning complaints, allegations and requests for information/assistance. Provided training on Army systems/processes/procedures.






Colorado State University, Greenwood Village, CO

Master of Human Resource Management; in progress

GPA: 3.89

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Master of Human Relations, 2015

GPA: 3.74

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Master of Science-Behavioral Sciences, 2000

GPA: 3.23

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Bachelor of Science-Criminal Justice, 1998

GPA: 3.19

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A



Cameron University, Lawton, OK

Associate in Applied Science-Criminal Justice, 1997

GPA: 3.09

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A






HR for Supervisors, 2016
Civilian Leader Intermediate (Phase 1-DL), 2015
Supervisor Development Course, 2014
Manager Development Course, 2014
Action Officer Development Course, 2014
Instructor, Briefer, and Facilitator Training Course, 2009
Question Persuade Refer (QPR) Suicide Prevention, 2009
CPR-Adult/Automated External Defibrillator (AED), 2009

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 8

CPR-Adult, Child, and Infant, 2008
Applied Suicide Intervention Skills training (ASIST), 2008
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), 2008
Managing Aggressive Behavior, 2008
Violence in the Workplace, 2008
Systems Approach to Training Basic Course, 2007
Developing Performance Based Work Statements (PBWS), 2006
Contracting Officer Technical Representative, 2006
Battle Staff NCO Course, 2005
Video Teletraining Instructor Training Course (VTITC), 2004
Small Group Instructor Training Course (SGITC), 2004
Total Army Instructor Training Course, 2004
Civilian Personnel Management Course, 2001
Unit Prevention Leader, 2001
Inspector General Course, 1996
Administrative Specialist Advanced NCO Course, 1996

Equal Opportunity Leaders Course, 1993
Executive/Administrative Specialist Basic NCO Course, 1991





Miscellaneous Information


State of Oklahoma Notary Public

Veterans of Foreign Wars

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