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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Secret Security Clearance

Veteran Preference: 10 points; 30% service-connected disability rating


Job Title: Transportation Security Inspector - Cargo

Department: Department of Homeland Security

Agency: Transportation Security Administration

Job Announcement Number: IAH-0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 000009



Core Competencies


Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), EEO Law/Principles/Regulations/Policies/Concepts, EEO Compliance, Program Evaluation/Development/Administration, Policies and Procedures Development, Complaint/Dispute Resolution, Formal Discrimination Complaint Processes, Investigations, Interviews, Counseling, Mediation (Certified Mediator-EO, EEO, Disputes), Negotiations, Advising/Guidance, Corrective Actions, Written Reports, Communications, Personnel Training/Instruction, Leadership, Mentoring, Coaching, Collaborative Teamwork Facilitation, Morale and Retention, Multi-Culture Fluency, Interpersonal Relations, Strategic Project/Workflow Management, Performance Improvements, Complex Problem Solving


U.S. Marine Corps; Retired



Professional Experience


June 2012 MONTH 2017

United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Forces, Pacific/Hawaii

Hours per Week: 40+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Michael Sweeney, Chief of Staff Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact

John Toolan, Commanding General


Equal Opportunity Advisor (Equal Opportunity Specialist MOS 0147)


Effectively coordinated/implemented Equal Opportunity (EO) policies for region encompassing 12 major commands, with 197,000 military/civilian personnel stationed in Arizona, California, Hawaii, Guam, South Korea, Australia, Japan and the Pacific Region; managed annual operational budget of $80,000. Served as primary inspector for U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific Command Inspection Readiness Team across USMC Forces, Pacific AOR; provided exceptional leadership/mentorship/guidance to the Major Subordinate Command Equal Opportunity Advisors supporting their Commander s EO Programs.

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Skillfully monitored EO climate and trending and assured continual flow of relevant information to leadership; established EO/antidiscrimination/anti-harassment/anti-hazing programs at different organizational levels, continually trained personnel and inspected other agency programs. Assured involvement of all commanders and marine/civilian personnel in training and technical guidance activities and provided guidance to commanders and administrative personnel in adjacent/subordinate agencies regarding implementation of EO policies; served as point-of-contact for processes.


Interviewed service members regarding possible discriminatory behaviors within workplace and ensured that individuals were knowledgeable regarding applicable regulations/laws and individual rights concerning filing charges; also investigated situations, authored written reports and served as advisement source to civilian/military managers regarding Title VI.


For 150 EO Representatives over 20 EO Representative courses, managed training activities including planning/assigning/supervising instructors, staff facilitation courses and various other instructional activities; monitored course presentations and instructor performance to facilitate improved course development and led instruction on socialization, diversity awareness, sexual harassment prevention, conflict management and communication techniques. Authored/prepared 36 monthly EO Newsletters for Commander/Sergeant Major outlining cultural awareness/educational observances.



MONTH 2010 MONTH 2012

United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Forces, Korea ((MARFORK / USFK)

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Operations Chief (Operations Manager)


In this assignment oversaw training and provided support for the USMC service component for USFK and the United Nations Command (UNC); also provided advisement for USFK/UNC regarding capabilities/support/utilization of Marine forces and assured continual Marine forces support for ROK on Korean Peninsula to support stability in Northeast Asia. Direct reports included OIC Command Operations, OIC Antiterrorism Force Protection, the Staff NCOIC and two NCOICs of Training, with oversight responsibilities for $3M in physical assets.


Expertly coordinated all training, providing management of multiple events to ensure adherence to policies/procedures of Corps Training and Education Command; oversaw Command tasks through to completion and managed Command Operations Center for exercises/contingencies.


Was tasked to direct/train/coach Training Team and staff on combat operations; continually authored procedures/policies/standards delineating operational effectiveness, established Quality Assurance (QA) controls to support operational efficiencies and initiated corrective actions as needed. Additional taskings included setting guidelines on methodologies for management/growth/development of Human Capital assets, providing military control/administrative guidance for the Command Operations Center and supporting

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professional/career development actions for senior staff and Non-Commissioned Officers (NCOs) as well as NCO training.


Held active role in dealing with multiple types and levels of disciplinary actions, from recommending resolution of disciplinary issues up to and including referring charges for Court Martial to Senior Commander; collaborated with EVP on all HR/disciplinary matters. Expertly developed internal communications plans/procedures for internationally-deployed individuals, identified skill improvement areas, continually sought avenues for increasing knowledge/skill levels and assured enforcement of all Commanding Officer-identified regulations, policies and procedures. Managed all daily operations to assure highest levels of operational effectiveness/efficiencies, and coordinated all Toys-for-Tots and Good Neighbor Programs.



MONTH 2008 MONTH 2010

United States Marine Corps

26th Marine Expeditionary Unit Command Element

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: J.L. Roach Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Assistant Operations Chief (Operations, Training and Development Manager)


Oversaw daily operational work performance and mentored/coached five Sergeants (Managers) and two Corporals (Managers) Direct Reports, managing assignments for 2200 individuals and a $13M annual budget for this forward-deployed, sea-based expeditionary unit, which is supported by personnel selectively trained to conduct specialized amphibious operations. Employed demolition, reconnaissance/surveillance, raids and hostage recovery as well as operations that enabled follow-up force actions.


Led Logistical and Command Operations Centers operations, assured preparedness of all Operations personnel/weapons/equipment for deployment, and assisted Operations Officer in maintaining situational awareness for operations/training. As needed, provided well-considered recommendations for resolving any disciplinary issues, managed production/distribution of Operations Orders, Fragmentary Orders, Contingency Operations and general messages. Authored various policies/procedures/standards to align with Marine Corps SOPs for operational effectiveness and consistently assured compliance with all policies/regulations/directives from superiors.


Additionally, oversaw training requirements and served as Fitness Evaluation/Performance Evaluator Coordinator, continually assured training program safety, and reviewed personnel proficiencies, initiating any needed deficiency-correcting training to assure that HR qualifications met highest readiness levels. Was strong proponent of developing subordinates and preparing them for promotion and future leadership positions; providing on-going counsel as well as feedback, including written evaluations; maintained counseling/training records.



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MONTH 2005 MONTH 2008

United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Special Operations Command (MARSOC)

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Michael Ackselrud Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Team Chief (Operations, Training and Development Manager)


Held management authority over Direct Reports of ten Sergeants (Operators) and two Corporals (Operators) and an Operational Budget of $4M in conducting operations in Afghanistan/surrounding countries. MARSOC provided strong contributions to SOCOM consisting of direct action, special reconnaissance, foreign internal defense, counter-terrorism and information operations.


Responsibilities included providing command and control of team in absence of Team Leader, providing leadership by example and ensuring implementation of Leader s decisions/concepts. As Security Officer performed inspections and assured safety of personnel/vehicles/cargo/facilities and encouraged operational safety utilizing training programs/policies/supervision. Also steered long-range training plan for team including executing plans to align with headquarters directives/future missions requirements. Provided continual professional and personal development of subordinates to prepare them for advancement and future leadership positions; also continually maintained positive morale and discipline among personnel in line with organizational policies.


Provided exceptional counsel for individuals as well as feedback in the form of written performance evaluations; maintained counseling and training records and was lead trainer for team in proper techniques/procedures, continually planning logistical support for team during operations/training/deployment. During operational missions, authored/reviewed multiple required reports and was member of assessment and POSS teams. Additional taskings included training of Host Nation forces regarding leadership, troop welfare and NCO development, and providing in-depth advisement to Host Nation senior enlisted leadership, up to Battalion level, on tactics.


Skillfully performed array of administrative actions including producing/managing various reports and overseeing promotion recommendations, career development and assignments; was responsible for daily accountability of team personnel/equipment including during embarkation actions.



MONTH 2003 MONTH 2005

United States Marine Corps

Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 6th Marines

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Zachery Dietz Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

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Weapons Platoon Sergeant (Operations, Training and Development Manager)


Steered work performance of Direct Reports consisting of three Sergeants, 12 Corporals and 36 Lance Corporals (Generalists) overseeing 51 Marines and managing annual budget of $200,000 supporting combat operations for deployments in Afghanistan, Iraq and the Middle East. Responsibilities included ensuring combat readiness of platoon personnel/weapons/equipment and providing crucial combat leadership for platoon during offensive/defensive combat operations as well as supervision and training in fundamental infantry skills to assure unit safety. Assured development of combat readiness, mental and physical toughness, discipline and leadership skills of platoon members, regularly counseled platoon members individually and provided objective evaluative feedback in support of professional development. Also advised Weapons Platoon Commander regarding assignment of proficiency/conduct markings, assisted with development/planning/execution/documentation of training as directed by Company and Battalion METLs, and made disciplinary-action resolution recommendations as needed.



MONTH 2002 MONTH 2003

United States Marine Corps

Marine Corps Forces-Korea

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Operations Chief (Operations Manager)


For this USMC Service Component for USFK and UNC, supervised Direct Reports of three Sergeants (Generalists) and 150 Marines/family members/civilian employees. Component provided advisement for USFK/UNC regarding capabilities/support/utilization of Marines and supported defense of ROK with rapid deployment of Marines onto Korean Peninsula to support stability of Northeast Asia; MARFORK served as Corps representative to ROK Marine Corps Commandant.


Provided outstanding supervision of training requirements for Marines assigned to United Nations Combined/Joint Staff, oversaw PME schools/assignments for enlisted Marines, and directed Non-combatant Evacuation Operations (NEO) preparations/training for Corps personnel family members. Additional supervisory assignments included Command Physical Training, Urinalysis, Toys-for-Tots and Combined Federal Campaign Programs.



MONTH 2001 MONTH 2002

United States Marine Corps

Instructor Group, School of Infantry

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Weapons Instructor (Training and Development Manager)

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 6 of 9



As member of the Marine Combat Training Battalion-East, was tasked with directing standards-based combat skills training for 3300 entry-level non-infantry Marine students, with the goal of developing riflemen capable of serving in multiple assignments with the USMC. As primary instructor, taught on BZO and M249 SAW, including live range fire, as well as Grenades and the M203 Grenade Launcher. Maintained/updated all Master Lesson Files to include media, as required, and continually assured that training was conducted with a focus on safety and in accordance with the Master Lesson File and School SOPs. Developed student performance assessments during training periods and, by presenting a professional image and performing in a professional manner, consistently served as a model of Marine behavior, attitude and decorum.



MONTH 1999 MONTH 2001

United States Marine Corps

Company G, Marine Combat Training Battalion

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Arron Cunningham Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Platoon Commander (Training and Development Manager)


With three Sergeants and 100 Marine students as Direct Reports, directed combat skills training for 15,000 entry-level non-infantry Marine students; led/trained/mentored Squad Leaders to ensure that subsequent training by Squad Leaders was performed as directed in the Program of Instruction and SOPS and ensured safety of platoon members regarding basic infantry skills. Placed strong emphasis on assuring that Squad Leaders had full understanding of their responsibilities as primary trainers of new Marines for developing technical/tactical proficiency in their Marines and personally ensured that each Marine met training standards in preparation for graduation. Also counseled entry-level Marines regarding performance and directed development of moral/mental/physical attributes of individuals, which also supported welfare of platoon members as a unit.


Successfully ensured that Company Commander was fully apprised of all relevant platoon issues/matters. Additional responsibilities encompassed proper use/accountability/maintenance of weapons and equipment; also served as Range Safety Officer for M203, M249 SAW, M240G and MK-19 Static Live Fire Exercises.



MONTH 1993 MONTH 1999

United States Marine Corps

Echo Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marines

Jacksonville, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: William Lavrinovich Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Platoon Sergeant (Operations, Training and Development Manager)

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Managed performance of duties for three Sergeant Direct Report personnel and 44 Marines, led/coached/mentored staff of 51 weapons platoon members and trained 15,000 entry-level non-infantry Marines in offensive/defense tactical combat operations, continually assuring personnel safety. Skillfully provided individual counseling for platoon members and developed performance evaluations directed toward continuing professional development; also advised/guided Weapons Platoon Commander concerning assignment of proficiency and conduct markings/assessments and recommended methodologies for remediating any disciplinary situations.


Collaborated with Company Commander to plan/execute/document training activities, in alignment with Company/Battalion METLs. Continually assured that platoon members were ready for inspection and deployment at all times and that each individual had developed necessary levels of physical/mental combat readiness. Additionally held overarching responsibilities for assuring accountability/serviceability/maintenance of platoon weapons and equipment.



MONTH 1991 MONTH 1993

United States Marine Corps

Security Force Company

London, England

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: William Large Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Sergeant of the Guard (Security Officer)


Following successful completion of Security Forces training was assigned secondary MOS of 8152, Marine Corps Security Force Guard. As member of Security Force Regiment assigned to provide security for high-value naval installations as well as Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Teams (FAST) and Recapture Tactics Teams (RTT), was responsible for two Sergeant Direct Reports as well as 33 Marines. Continually ensured personnel physical security as well as in-processing/inspection of personnel and equipment during area-of-operations ingress/egress activities; prepared guard rosters, scheduled sentry assignments, authored reports concerning any actions by sentries during their watch, and provided appropriate oversight/accountability of all guard weapons and equipment.


Skillfully steered professional development of personnel by providing each individual with in-depth counseling and constructive performance evaluations; also provided well-considered recommendations regarding any needed disciplinary action. Continually promoted development of mental/physical strength by Guard members to assure combat readiness as well as meet any inspection or deployment directives, and successfully met requirements to assure strong order/discipline by Guard members. Also provided appropriate counsel/advisement to Commander of the Guard regarding the assignment of proficiency/conduct markings.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 9


Education / Training / Certification


Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA

Bachelor of Science, Human Resource Management; in progress


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A



Equal Employment Opportunity Specialist Course (40 hrs), Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute-Patrick Air Force Base, FL; March 2016


Equal Employment Opportunity Investigator Course (32 hrs), Conrad Law; March 2016


Special Emphasis Program Managers Course (40 hrs), Rushford and Associates; January 2015


Equal Employment Opportunity Counselors Course (40 hrs), Graduate School USA; June 2013


Equal Opportunity Advisor Program Certificate, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute-Patrick Air Force Base, FL; May 2012


Equal Employment Opportunity Mediation Course (40 hrs), Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute-Patrick Air Force Base Florida (Certified to mediate EO, EEO, and Employment Disputes within DOD); April 2012


Marine Corps Equal Opportunity Service Specific Training, Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute-Patrick Air Force Base, FL; April 2012


Antiterrorism Force Protection Level II DOD Certification, 2007


Responsible Officers Course, Certification, 2000





Meritorious Service Medal

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (x3)

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (x4)

Combat Action Ribbons (x4)

National Defense Service Medal (x2)

Certificate of Commendation (x3)

Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal

Meritorious Mast

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

Iraq Campaign Medal

Global War on Terror Service Medal

Global War on Terror Expeditionary Medal

Good Neighbor Award-Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

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Transformational Leadership: Front Runners in Organizations

Global Leaders of the 21st Century

American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)






EOA s Similar to Combat Patrols, Reflections Online 40th Anniversary Edition; Summer/Fall 2012


Equal Opportunity Advisor Must Persevere as Sentinels of Equality For All, DEOMI Reflections Magazine; Volume 4 Issue 3


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