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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies

Information Technology, Project Operational Plan Development, Budgets, Technical Leadership, Systems/Applications Development, Software Developer/Engineer Team Management, Architecture, Infrastructure Support, Web Applications/Web-Based Products, Change Management, Site Development/Design, Personnel Management, Operational IT System Testing/Evaluation, Report/Documentation Development, Work Performance Evaluation, Cloud-Based Platform Integration, Amazon (AWS) GovCloud, Microsoft Azure Government-Community Cloud, Scrum Framework, Project Management, Technical Staff Interface, Strategic Development, Contracting Officer Representative (COR), Contractor/Staff Liaison, Negotiation, Personnel Mentoring, Command Leadership Support



Professional Experience


December 2012 Present

U.S. Cyber Command

Fort Meade, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 14

Supervisor: Andrew Caetto Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx Contact Applicant Prior

To contacting supervisor


Lead IT Specialist


Expertly develop/implement project and operational planning as well as budget for Command web branch; provide technical direction for web development and Operation & Maintenance (O&M) teams in developing systems/applications. Lead software developers/system engineers/technical staff in providing architecture, infrastructure support and web application tool for Command and supervise team concerning change management for existing web applications/products and site development/design.


Assign/manage/evaluate work production of employees/contractors, coordinate/integrate operational testing and evaluation of systems/applications and oversee development of test reports, concept plans and web application documentation. Develop comprehensive

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performance standards and assess team member work performance, identifying areas for additional training; also provide performance metrics to Senior Management, assuring alignment of mission requirements with organizational-supporting IT investment.


Skillfully oversee cloud-based platform integration for Infrastructure (Iaas), Software (Saas) and Platform (Paas) as a service; oversee development of prototype cloud environment in Amazon (AWS) GovCloud and Microsoft Azure government-community cloud. Continually utilize programming technologies such as C#, .Net, Java and Angular JS, among others, to oversee IT initiatives/application system projects; also use Scrum framework to manage software development project.


Employ project integration/planning/scope/time/cost/quality/risk management methodologies to manage high-visibility projects, assuring completion within scope, time and budget parameters; consistently incorporate all aspects of SDLC into project planning, from concept development to disposition. Continually interact with System/Network/Database Administrators and other technical staff personnel to achieve solutions and provide service satisfaction for customer.


Provide excellent analysis/validation of various operational requirements of Command mission; skillfully translate Command rules/processes into requirements and direct technical assessments of various emerging web concepts/technologies/products to identify those worthy of continued investigation toward achieving Command objectives not possible with current capabilities/methodologies. Expertly assist with selection of web application development methods and advise on alternative web design/programming tools and choice of computer hardware/software platforms for on-going projects/applications. Ensure identification and remediation of deficiencies and direct team personnel in developing strategies/plans for transitioning into new web resource.


As Contracting Office Representative (COR) develop Statement(s) of Work (SOW), Request(s) for Proposals (RFPs) and task orders/modifications for contract documents covering IT services for Command. As main-point-of-contact for contractors, developer and system administrator, tasked with responsibilities for evaluating contractor performance to assure compliance with performance-based measurements and conditions of contract, providing any needed technical consultation, negotiating changes and assuring that management personnel are continually apprised of any needed actions, often utilizing briefings/presentations.


Supply technical support for Knowledge Management (KM) office and participate in KM working group, providing any needed leadership concerning business process improvement; automate process where necessary. Successfully participate in Mentoring program for Command, assuring well-considering matching of Mentor/Mentee; also support Command climate improvement group with suggestions and assistance in implementing methods for improving personnel morale levels.



October 2011 December 2012

U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER)

Fort Meade, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Series: 0301 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13

Supervisor: Olen L. Kelley Phone: 301.677.6925 May Contact

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Knowledge Manager


Served as Subject Matter Expert (SME)/project lead with tasking to develop Knowledge Management program for ARCYBER; led research/creation/development/implementation of policy and program guidance for establishing/managing KM and Collaboration programs at ARCYBER and subordinate elements. Developed KM and Collaboration strategies that aligned with KM requirements based on communications, systems and processes; was knowledge-based authority directing modernization plan development and collaborated with senior leadership in directing organization in desired direction.


Was regularly tasked to represent ARCYBER leadership at internal/external KM and Collaboration meetings, providing recommendations and options to institutionalize KM/Collaboration in the organization. Provided training on KM/benefits to leadership and personnel and led KM/Collaboration program/policies/initiatives at ARCYBER; also authored project and staff reports and briefings for KM/Collaboration working group and presented briefings to KM Board that included recommendations concerning KM/Collaboration operations as well as other IT issues.


Successfully coordinated ARCYBER KM/Collaboration policy with other federal agencies to assure scalability/compatibility; also identified Command business requirements and provided assistance to other staff including defining new/improved business process solutions. Developed policies regarding techniques/processes for ARCYBER KM practices and worked with other entities to ensure currency and accessibility of KM SharePoint platform applications and databases throughout ARCYBER.


Collaborated with Command staff to transfer rules and processes into requirements, assisted application developers with translating requirements into programming requirements and provided leadership with advisement concerning technical/functional/organizational matters regarding information management, data sharing and IT. Steered actions of application development team utilizing multiple programming languages, including .NET, VB, C+, jquery and HTML; also developed test reports, concept plans and documents for the requirements and supported implementation/administration of SharePoint 2010 and 2007.


Adroitly identified KM best practices and designed methodology for sharing them across Command with a focus on delivering value-added business solutions; also implemented change management program to move Command toward knowledge-centric culture. Developed content management policy for ARCYBER SharePoint Portal for NIPR (SP2010)/SIPR (SP2010) side, directed SharePoint working group and established document management/collaboration within Command utilizing SharePoint 2007 and 2010 platform.


Also developed governance document and collaborated with Army CIO G-6 to migrate ARCYBER Portal under Joint Enterprise SharePoint Service; worked with site owner to ensure compliance of migration with all applicable regulations including PII. Skillfully utilized KM tools to research/design/implement pilot projects and formed KM Governance Committee that established KM and Collaboration in organization. Set-up training materials/classes to train on SharePoint, KM and Collaboration best practices and directed team in automating business processes for command that improved collaboration throughout Command using SharePoint platform.

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June 2009 October 2011

U.S. Army



Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Series: 1550 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 13

Supervisor: John Wilkes Phone: 410.306.1427 May Contact


Knowledge Manager/Computer Scientist


Skillfully managed KM/Collaboration efforts, serving as Knowledge Manager for Headquarters RDECOM supporting nine subordinate organizations consisting of 18,000+ personnel at multiple CONUS/OCONUS sites; provided crucial technical direction for leadership and implemented KM/Collaboration initiatives within organization. Directed research, development and implementation of policy/program guidance toward establishment/management of KM and content/document management programs at HQ; defined KM tasks within Command, directed KM-related projects to assure effective and timely completion, steered KM and SharePoint working groups and developed KM/Collaboration-related training. Expertly established responsibilities supporting KM/Collaboration environment and developed supportive KM team; continually promoted knowledge as an organizational asset and was strong supporter of ongoing development of new organizational and on-line communities of practice.


With responsibilities as primary staff member, reported to HQ RDECOM CIO/G-6 and regularly served as acting chief of KM and Collaboration Division during any absences of Division Chief. Skillfully planned/directed crucial IT projects by setting goals and objectives, managing risks, assigning tasks and coaching personnel toward achieving desired results. Provided direct support to HQ RDECOM command, staff, Development Engineering Centers and international Forward Element Commands regarding KM, SharePoint Portal (2007 and 2010) development collaborative opportunities, website development, databases, IT Project Management and Portfolio Management. Was regular participant at Command-level meetings/briefings involving government/private sector officer-level leaders, technical support staff members and SMEs; performed research, forecasted technology trends, identified near-/long-term objectives and emerging business opportunities and assessed various requirements regarding achieving RDECOM, AMC and Army strategic goals/objectives/initiatives.


Expertly compiled user business requirements and designed technical solutions; steered actions of technical team for application development on enterprise-wide SharePoint Platform. Also participated in preparation of G-6 budget, developed/maintained SharePoint site collection to meet HQ intranet requirements, managed HQ SharePoint Portal and designed/implemented Portal web pages. Tasked with comprehensive technical/administrative responsibilities covering planning, programming, developing, executing, evaluating, operating and maintaining content/information/document management automation services, application development programming and sustainment in SP 2007/SP2010 platform.


Was SME/policy advisor for Command scientists and Engineers concerning IT applications for specific networks, software, databases and programming services; also assisted with development of technical reviews and recommendations regarding state-of-the-art information systems engineering methodologies/techniques/procedures/tools. Proficiently utilized skills in

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performing research, analysis, planning, evaluation, selection and adaptation of various software engineering criteria, CASE tools and development of techniques/procedures for use by scientists, engineers, technicians, analysts, programmers and data managers in RDECOM. Continually resolved multiple problems/issues and assured G-6 projects were in compliance with operations requirements and integration, as well as objective capabilities/compatibility with Army Knowledge Enterprise Architecture and long-range strategic goals of Command.



November 2008 May 2009

U.S. Army


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Series: 1550 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12

Supervisor: Francesca Stephen Phone: 410.417.2329 May Contact


Computer Scientist


Effectively provided RDECOM Portfolio Management and IT Governance Council (ITGC) support, researched state-of-the-art/state-of-the-practice IT concepts and technologies, served as senior staff member for HQ RDECOM Deputy Chief of Staff in Governance and Knowledge Management Division CIO G-6, and was considered to be primary authoritative source for state-of-the-art computer software/technology. Held responsibilities for evaluating, designing, developing, modifying, implementing and maintaining program development aids, data access/retrieval, inter-process communication routines and other software for use in enterprise-level distributed computing environment. Expertly determined processing requirements for software techniques, applications, hardware/software interactive control schemes and software substations while assuring compliance with established policies/operational guidance.


Facilitated briefings, developed recommendations through various business cases, conducted training on computer software projects and SharePoint, and explained findings, conclusions, recommendations and justifications for strategic IT implementations. Also performed project planning, developed management/implementation initiatives and applied knowledge/skills/abilities to various IT solutions to automate business processes/collaborative capabilities across Command using SharePoint platform.


Continually researched array of IT products/techniques for use in meeting mission requirements, and participated in various feasibility studies regarding emerging computer technologies. Assisted with SharePoint deployment planning for HQ staff, developed/maintained SharePoint site collection and associated sites, managed HQ-level intranet portal, designed applications for SharePoint platform, maintained access control/permission group for SharePoint portal and maintained site branding with site template and Master page.



August 2001 October 2008

U.S. Army


Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

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Hours per Week: 40

Series: 1550 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 12

Supervisor: Timothy Schmidt Phone: 410.436.3340 May Contact


Computer Scientist


Supported organization as a senior software developer and team lead, with responsibilities for design/development/testing/deployment/support/documentation of web-based applications utilizing Oracle platform. Separated requirements into modules for implementation and provided technical guidance for team members. Also collaborated with developers, other team leaders, senior IT specialists, architects, supervisors, contractors and customers to define project requirements and identify/evaluate alternative solutions. Provided management with information on work required as well as development timeframes, integrated builds using Content Management tools and developed components based on requirements, architecture and design as delineated by coding/documentation standards, unit test methods and development of best practices.


Updated standard documentation including SDLC documentation and provided operation production documentation/support. Participated in development/maintenance of organizational KM systems (SharePoint 2003 and 2007) as well as database maintenance in an Oracle environment; was lead architect of implementation of SharePoint 2007 for corporate intranet, document management, collaboration and workflow management. SharePoint development included installation/administration of small server farms and stand-alone MOSS websites. Designed and implemented portal/content management application using customized site definition, feature development and web parts; also developed/implemented customized workflow forms with InfoPath and SharePoint Designer.


Utilized Oracle Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, ASP.Net and SharePoint Designer to develop records management, forms and file management solutions; also designed, developed and tested WSS site templates and was involved in installation of SharePoint Server 2007 and SQL Server 2005. Designed site collections/site hierarchy, worked with web parts, SharePoint Designer and InfoPath to develop SharePoint sites for team collaboration, and directed user training.


Successfully maintained web-based SQL database applications, tracked user requirements and developed appropriate solutions, defined referential integrity to maintain SQL database tables consistency during any changes and optimized database performance. Continually interfaced with colleagues and developed tools to ensure smoothly-functioning database; also created jobs for database servers to assure system availability and assisted with modifying/troubleshooting existing web-based applications.



September 1999 July 2001

Department of the Treasury, IRS

Baldwin, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 11

Supervisor: Lee Thompson Phone: 410.962.2111 May Contact

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Computer Scientist


Working within a NT environment, assisted with installation/support of NT workstation 4.0 and server 4.0; added/deleted users, added/purged exchange mailboxes and developed home directories and permissions. Also set up server and domain trust relationship and utilized SMS, Tivoli and .Net meeting to remotely control server and workstation. Troubleshot TCP/IP and other networking problems, coordinated hardware/software upgrades with networked PCs, worked with LAN printers, troubleshot help desk tickets and assisted with multiple rollout actions and imaging process. Delivered various end-user training classes, prepared installation/operating procedures documentation, developed database applications in multi-platform environment that included PCs and LANs, and developed/monitored/administered relational and non-relational database management systems (RDMS) in NT environment. Provided in-depth assistance for senior computer specialists by maintaining multiple databases and continually performed multiple application maintenance procedures on case management/information systems.



November 1994 August 1999

Aberdeen Proving Ground

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $29.00/Hour

Supervisor: Self-Employed Phone: N/A May Contact


System Administrator


In this assignment providing LAN administration and PC support in a NT environment, developed new NT domain, applied trust and security changes and standardized desktop equipment; also operated consoles, queried systems and performed additions, changes and upgrades. Skillfully monitored system for any malfunctions or potential problems/issues, analyzed and troubleshot problems, performed various analyses and developed reports for reviews, studies and surveys.


Optimized operations and maintenance of systems in conjunction with enterprise-wide network. Also performed customer support for any reported problems or to provide services; ensured adherence to policies/procedures/instructions regarding documenting and reporting observations, changes, malfunctions and other events as well as securing/controlling access to systems. Performed important cost-benefit analysis of hardware/software needs for network/end-users and provided exceptional technical assistance and training to end-users on use of new systems/applications.




Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 9





Towson State University, Towson, MD

Bachelors Degree, Mathematics, 1995


Semester/Credit Hours Earned: 149






National Defense University, Fort McNair, Washington, DC, 2015

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Certification

Completed Coursework:

CTO - Roles and Responsibilities

SEC - Cyber Security for Information Leadership

EIT - Emerging Technologies

FIT - Technology Forecasting and Agency Adoption


Villanova University, Silver Spring, MD, 2009

PMP Certification


Master certificate in Applied Project Management

Essentials of Project Management

Mastering Project Management

Project Management Professional


Military Personnel Management Course (MPMC), Air University, 2014

Civilian Personnel Management Course (CPMC), Air University, 2014

USAF Supervisors Course (CSC), Air University, 2014

CES Basic Course, 2011

COR Training, 2010

KM Institute Certified Knowledge Manager Workshop, 2010

Action Officer Development Course, 2010

Intro to Programming with .Net, 2008

Visual Basic 2008 Programming, 2008

SharePoint Designer 2007, 2008

SharePoint Server 2007 Administration, 2007

Microsoft SharePoint Technologies, 2007

Introduction to XML, 2004

Identifying and Confirming User Requirement, 2004

Solaris: A Hands-on Introduction, 2003

Linux Server Installation and Configuration, 2003

Project Management for Software Development, 2003

Enterprise DBA 1A: Architecture and Administration, 2002

Enterprise DBA 1B: Backup and Recovery, 2002

Enterprise DBA 2: Performance and Tuning, 2002

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 9 of 9



Enterprise DBA 3: Network Administration, 2002

Developing a Web Site, 2002

Oracle Forms And Reports: Web Application, 2002

Hands-On Java Programming, 2002

Oracle 9ias Portal: Build Corporate Portal, 2002

Oracle 9ias Portal: Build Portlets, 2002

Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL, 2001

Develop Pl/SQL Program Units, 2001

Oracle 9iAs: Develop Web-Based Application with PL/SQL, 2001

Inside Windows NT Workstation 4, 1999

Inside Windows NT 4 Workstation and Server, 1999

Exchange 4 Server Administration, 1999

Advance PC Troubleshooting, 1998



COR Certification, 2012

COR Certification, 2010

CES Basic Course, 2010

Knowledge Management Certification, 2010






Excellence in Federal Career Award, 2010

Manager's Award, 2005

Manager's Award, 2004

Manager's Award, 2002

Manager s Award, 2000



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