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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

TS/SCI Clearance



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies

NIPRNET, SIPRNET, Common Tier 1 (CT1), Key Management Infrastructure (KMI), Remote Testing Capabilities, NCMS, Legacy IT Systems, Research & Development, Technology Installation/Maintenance/Upgrades, Help Desk, Trouble Ticket Management, Automated Office Equipment Utilization/Support, User Account Management, Video Teleconferencing, Telephone Communications, Problem Identification/Resolution, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Development, Personnel Training, System Certification/Accreditation, Customer Interface/Liaison




Professional Experience


May 2011 June 2016

Naval Communications Material Systems (NCMS)

Andrews AFB, MD

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $105,000 annually

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GG

Supervisor: Alesia Blake Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx Contact Applicant First


Information Technology Specialist


Skillfully managed multiple responsibilities concerning assuring accessibility of mission-critical applications/networks within organization including, among others, NIPRNET, SIPRNET, Common Tier 1 (CT1), Key Management Infrastructure (KMI), and Remote Testing capability for CT1 and KMI. Served as System Administrator for CT1 and performed all needed installation/maintenance of Remote Test system; also obtained new equipment for Legacy IT systems, oversaw development/installation/maintenance/upgrades of emerging technology and provided technical IT expertise to support Command. Took lead role in providing Help Desk support; developed new user accounts on NIPR, SIPR, CY1, NREMS and SharePoint networks, served as SharePoint Administrator and also oversaw deletion of user accounts as needed.

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Additional responsibilities included managing all video teleconference equipment, including assuring proper connectivity, as well as the Command telephone and cell phone communications systems; continually tracked remediation of trouble tickets both internally for the Command as well as any problems/issues controlled externally. Utilized subject matter expertise to develop/implement SOPs for IT systems and facilitated any needed training; also assisted with certification and accreditation process for the Command s new IT systems and was often called on to serve in customer liaison role with senior analysis program managers.



September 2007 May 2011

Headquarter Marine Corps (HQMC) Intel


Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: N/A

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GG Grade: 13

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Information Systems Security Manager


Effectively served as IT Specialist at Band 3 level, performing policy/planning, security and systems analysis and overseeing applications software, operating systems, network services, data management, Internet, systems administration and customer support. IT involvements included computers, security equipment, security accreditation/approvals, communications/network components, peripherals, software, firmware and related resources.


Steered planning and implementation of complex IT installation/operation/maintenance assignments covering automated communications systems and other desktop technologies. Also managed acquisition of mainframe/minicomputer/microcomputer platform systems and performed various data-related processes to achieve designated requirements. Designed new methodologies/procedures and provided resolution advisement on multiple complex IT issues, interpreted policies/guidelines, and made recommendations regarding incorporating new/enhanced products and approaches to IT programs.


Proficiently diagnosed/analyzed IT-related problems, performed test data transfers between systems/networks/data backbones, continually ensured integration of IT programs and developed needed solutions to interoperability/integration problems. Continually provided direction to resolving processing problems and gained important intelligence from users concerning optimizing new/modified systems/software/hardware.


Expertly identified business strategies/technical requirements related to planning/testing/managing/supporting systems and networks; installed, troubleshot and maintained hardware/software, evaluated vulnerabilities, ensured optimal use of commercially-available products and evaluated proposals concerning acquisition of enhanced products/services.


Interacted with personal from other DON Commands, activities, intelligence agencies and contractors to identify technologies to support Navy Intelligence; steered inter-/intra-agency working groups and presented/defended Command positions. Prepared technical reports,

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provided project leadership and presented briefings to senior management; coordinated team activities, established priorities and assured accuracy of team products. As project manager developed plans/timeframes, estimated resource requirements, identified deliverables and tracked daily accomplishments to assure meeting completion dates.



October 2005 September 2007

Headquarter Marine Corps (HQMC) Intel

Arlington, VA

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: N/A

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GG Grade: 13

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Supervisory Information Technology Specialist


Skillfully identified/analyzed IT requirements, developed/implemented optimal solutions to meet needs, maintained/troubleshot IT systems according to prevailing regulations/directives and properly disposed of systems at end of normal life span. Represented USMS Chief Information Officer (CIO) and collaborated with managers and system administrators to ensure consistent implementation of IT systems within agency. Identified most beneficial IT systems for districts, planned implementation and provided recommendations to CIO.


Additionally tasked as Technical Specialist for desktop applications, network services, server configuration/support, various applications, web management, security training and counter-terrorism crisis response, and collaborated with USMS personnel in designing effective solutions. Developed short-/long-range planning for utilizing various resources to achieve program objectives, interfaced with other Federal agencies, and was Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM) for HQML-Intel department.


Consistently implemented IS security policies and ensured that ISSO personnel received technical/security training; reviewed/endorsed acceptable SSPs, ensured development of procedures for authorizing use of software/hardware/firmware on system and supported development/implementation of information security training.


Ensured proper and timely response to any system incidents and maintained Systems Security Authorization Agreement (SSAA) as well as system accreditation document, per SCIF. Consistently supported customers with interaction, site surveys and planning/integration of CMC-wide corporate services and worked closely with customers to understand their requirements as well as provide timely and accurate information; continually sought to improve customer relations.



August 2004 September 2005

Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)

Baltimore MD

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: $65,000 annually

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GS

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 4 of 8


Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Information Technology Specialist (Security)


Was Lead Specialist for installed systems and senior IT security advisor at DCMA Contract Management Office (CMO); advised on all aspects of IT methods including project management, application/equipment analysis, personnel training and telecommunications/network services and provided technical guidance for IT colleagues within CMO as well as other DCMA Field Offices. Served as point-of-contact concerning IT security technical issues and assured adherence to all security principles/methods. Also represented Agency on projects, providing troubleshooting, connectivity, systems development and life-cycle certification/accreditation processes. Reviewed various regulations, consulted with user representatives and provided technical advisement.


Ongoing responsibilities included repairing/upgrading/installing software for computers and servers as determined by customer requirements; also modified/adjusted servers to ensure efficiently meeting password resets, configuration and operations requests, and performed various technical duties on file servers/programs/interfaces within Security Branch. Assisted with training related to software installations and network security administration and oversaw installation/utilization of Headquarters Regional and District sector-supplied LAN management software, utility programs and Norton Anti-Virus server installation and applications software.


Successfully developed standards/procedures covering automation and support of ADP program, ensuring full compliance as directed with service-wide instructions; was responsible for identifying ADP requirements vis- -vis automating specific work processes and establishing user priorities. Additionally tasked with steering Information Assurance Training, Information Security Training, Terminal Area Security Officer Training, Public Key Infrastructure Training, Norton Anti-Virus Implementation Training and the utilization of the System Management program.



April 2004 August 2004

Information Technology Service Center-Far East

Yokosuka, Tokyo, Japan

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: $65,000 annually

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: GS Grade: 11

Supervisor: Mr. Zukowski Phone: 011-81-16-7955 May Contact


Supervisory Information Technology Specialist (Temp Prom)


Took lead role in maintaining system server and performing various operational projects including monitoring service performance, performing diagnostics, analyzing capacity usage and installing upgrades/software fixes. Held key role in assisting Help Desk and resolving various customer trouble tickets; skillfully coordinated functional unit daily operations and identified work unit objectives as well as goals of individual employees.


Facilitated implementation of various policies and developed work procedures to accomplish identified priorities; also developed plan of action that identified project milestones (POAM) and

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 5 of 8


successfully accomplished assignment within budget/resource parameters. Developed work schedules and evaluated work performance, served in liaison role between staff and management, provided strong technical advisement to subordinates and encouraged excellence with appropriate incentives as well as corrective direction. Regularly advised management concerning meeting Unit staffing requirements as well as classification of positions and continually complied with EEO and affirmative action program directives.



January 2003 April 2004

Information Technology Service Center-Far East

Yokosuka, Tokyo, Japan

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: $60,000 annually

Series: 0334 Pay Plan: Other

Supervisor: Mr. Flood Phone: 243.4037 (DSN) May Contact


Information Technology Specialist


Expertly installed/maintained network and system software, controlled application software releases and documented configuration of an information system; also maximized network and system functionality and diagnosed/recovered failed systems. As Tier 4 Technician served as System Administrator for MS, UNIX, Exchange, Addresses Directory, JAVA, SQL and file systems. Insightfully anticipated server performance/availability/capacity/configuration issues and initiated corrective actions; reallocated resources when available and optimized system performance including recommending components to improve performance.


Held additional responsibilities for directing new product/equipment installation and interfaced regularly with customers to assure seamless implementation; resolved any installation problems, monitored and mitigated areas of security vulnerabilities to assure system compliance with IT security requirements and maintained server integrity/availability. Provided excellent guidance concerning implementing security policies while developing/operating network systems and maintained QA program for multiple platforms involving file back-up/recovery, equipment maintenance and QC of all system processing/output.


Skillfully oversaw all connectivity, maintenance, filing and operational systems; managed UNIX, Windows 2000 and MS NT 4.0 Servers, workstations and laptops, and was responsible for assuring rapid correction of various problems as well as fast recovery of equipment necessary for daily operations including servers, workstations, massage traffic, gate guard machines and email.


Developed/maintained procedures for networks, systems, product assembly and installation; ensured resolution of technical issues and gained balance between operations, technical and program segments. Continually interfaced with software vendors to assure software products were most current; tested products to ensure operability and compliance with existing standards. Also developed information management architectures/systems to support administrative engineering programs and ensured that Admiral/flag staff were informed of all IT communications.


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October 2001 January 2003

Commander Naval Forces Japan

Yokosuka, Japan

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: $55,000 annually

Series: 2210 Pay Plan: Other

Supervisor: ETCM Green Phone: 011.81.468.16.9790 May Contact


Supervisory Information Technology Specialist


Expertly provided IT support/Network Administration for Commands within geographic region, supporting command and control requirements and increasing end-user productivity. Maintained Base Area Network (BAN) and Information Technology Service Center (ITSC) and held key role in transitioning Commands from LANs to centralized BAN/ITSC in Yokosuka. Skillfully planned/coordinated/installed/tested/operated/troubleshot/maintained hardware/software for BAN supporting six Commands; was responsible for managing accounts, network rights and access to systems/equipment as well as performance, capacity, availability, serviceability and recoverability.


Directed security procedures, developed/documented system administration SOPs, resolved interface/interoperability problems, maintained systems configuration and ensured availability, functionality, integrity and efficiency of systems. Also oversaw integration of system fixes/updates/enhancements, ensured application of security policies while delivering system administrative services.


Utilized broad-based subject matter expertise and skills in training Help Desk personnel to provide service for up to 2,000+ accounts; designed training plans, granted requested Leave(s) of Absence, resolved minor grievances and recommended individual growth-directed Performance Plans for subordinates. Also oversaw planning/delivery of customer services including installation, configuration, troubleshooting and training as needed; diagnosed customer problems, researched and provided feedback on problem trending, developed tracking databases, installed/maintained customer hardware/software, developed customer service performance standards/policies/procedures, and ensured application of information security/assurance policies, principles and practices in delivering customer support service.



November 1997 October 2001

Commander Naval Forces Japan

Yokosuka, Japan

Hours per Week: 80

Salary: $55,000 annually

Series: 0334 Pay Plan: Other

Supervisor: Mr. Ambrose Phone: 011.81.468.16.8193 May Contact


Computer Specialist


In this assignment was responsible for installing/maintaining Classified/Unclassified computer networking hardware/software; successfully ensured system availability, functionality, integrity and efficiency for end-users, resolved any surfaced issues and rapidly responded to requests

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for assistance with minimal inconvenience/disruptions. Also assured that MS Exchange Server was continually on-line, quickly troubleshooting when necessary and restoring service; skillfully managed installation/integration of system fixes, updates and enhancements.





Control Data Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Computer Technology Studies

GPA: 87/100

Credits Earned: 87 Credits/Quarter Hours






KG-235, INE Certification, 2005


FORE Systems

Core Products Certified (ATM), 2000 

LAN Certified Engineer (ATM), 2000 

Enterprise Edge Products Certified (ATM), 2000 






GSLC, Dec 2011

Security+, Dec 2009

SharePoint, Sep 2008

Active Directory Infrastructure, Apr 2006

Microsoft Implementing, Managing Exchange Server 2003, Apr 2006 

Implementing, Managing Server 2003, Mar 2006 

Inline Network Excerptor, July 2005 

Management Transformation, May 2004 

Special Access Program Orientation, Nov 2004 

AF/Navy PSO Seminar, Nov 2004 

Administer Microsoft Systems Management Server version 2.0, Jan 2003 

Deploying and Supporting Microsoft Systems Management Server version 2.0, Jan 2003 

Planning, Implementing, Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Updating Support Skills from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 to Microsoft Windows 2000, May 2002 

SQL, 2001 

Remedy Web Access, April 2001 

Remedy Change Management, April 2001 

Remedy Help Desk, November 2001 

Remedy Asset Management, November 2001 

Remedy Administering the AR Systems, July 2001 

Remedy AR Systems 4.5, July 2001 

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 8



Remedy Performance Trouble Shooting, July 2001 

Disaster Prevention, Recovery for Exchange Server 5.5, April 2000 

Creating, Managing Website Using Front Page 2000, April 2000 

Core Products Installation, Operations, Maintenance ATM, Jan 2000 

Edge Products Installation, Operation, Maintenance ATM, Jan 2000 

Exchange Server 5.5 Series Concept, Administration, 1999 

Exchange Server 5.5 Series Design, Implementation, 1999 

FORE System LAN, ATM Theory, December 1999 

Administering Windows, February 1998 

Supporting Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, February 1998 


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