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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

TS/SCI Clearance

10 Point Civil Service Preference



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies

Human Resources Management, Administrative Support, Civilian Employee Development, EEOC, Investigations, Mediations, Analytical Research, Dispute Resolution, Organization Development, Training, Staffing, Counseling, Mentoring, Recruiting, Budgets, Personnel Oversight, Policy/Procedure Implementation, Planning, Quality Control, Work Assignment Scheduling, Office Equipment Management, Sexual Harassment/Assault Response & Prevention/Sexual Assault Response Coordination (SHARP/SARC), Clerical Procedures, Database Management, Oral/Written Communication, Team Building, Purchasing & Inventory Management, Deployment Tracking (PERSTEMPO), Table of Distributions and Authorizations (TDA), Strength Accountability, Total Officer Personnel Management Information System (TOPMIS), Enlisted Distribution and Assignment System (EDAS), U.S. Army HR Command (HRC), Policy Review, Command Representative, EEO, MIRC/USAR/HQDA EO Requirements Compliance, Victim Advocate Training, Victim Advocate SHARP (VA/SHARP)




Professional Experience


February 2006 September 2010

United States, Joint Prisoner of War Missing in Action Accounting Command (JPAC)

Hickam AFB, HI

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: John M. Sullivan, Jr. Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact: N/A


Senior Human Resource Supervisor, Command Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) and Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Response & Prevention/Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SHARP/SARC)


In this assignment provided services in Human Resources Management, Personnel Administration/Management, Civilian Employee Development, Office Management and issues involved with Equal Opportunity activities. As Principal Senior HR Manager for JPAC,

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comprised of 10K+ military/civilian/contractor personnel in multiple countries, gained experience in managing/staffing/coaching/counseling/mentoring/recruiting military and civilian personnel; responsibilities included developing/implementing/evaluating/monitoring various administrative policies, procedures and guidelines, directing daily administrative support functions and overseeing sizable personnel teams. Successfully advanced regularly on career track, with increased tasking regarding personnel, budgets, resources and schedules; continually coordinated clerical/administrative personnel performance in support of policies, various personnel actions and operational activities, and managed purchases, supplies, services and equipment for Command, with oversight responsibilities for $1.5M+ in office equipment.


Effectively utilized array of personnel management and HR information systems, oversaw quality control and administrative functions including establishing work schedules, assigning tasks and facilitating training; analyzed planning to identify impact as well as feasibility of modifying to complete various projects.


Led deployment tracking (PERSTEMPO) and oversaw military promotions, awards, evaluations, requisitions, reporting and military budgets; assessed changes in mission, workload and TDA, monitored personnel reports to assure accuracy, strength accountability and effective utilization of personnel. Interfaced with personnel from headquarters, subordinate entities, TOPMIS, EDAS and U.S. Army HRC to identify personnel gains/losses. Also skillfully developed military personnel management and HR policies/procedures and was considered authority on regulations/policies interpretation.


Steered reviews to evaluate and apply current policies/practices effectiveness with consistency; was source of advisement for leadership on proposed initiatives, policies/procedures, HR programs and array of complex problems/issues, including providing on-site assistance and developing process improvements. As Team Leader for Command Inspection Program provided advisement to military awards board and directed projects to resolve various HR operating problems; also represented Command at various meetings covering military personnel programs. Consistently demonstrated abilities for gathering, analyzing and interpreting information that supported decision-making.


For JPAC, was Equal Opportunity Compliance Specialist; compiled/analyzed EO data on inequities in EO program, promoted awareness of DOD, DA EO/EEO policies, identified under-representation of women/minorities in leadership positions and recommended corrective actions. Employing knowledge of Federal Personnel Recruitment Programs, assisted managers in recruiting women/minorities, worked with EO Director/Manager regarding training and continually coordinated EO programs to support harmonious interaction. Comprehensive responsibilities for position focused on facilitating Human Relations and Diversity Training, Mediation, Ethnic Observances and recognizing special population groups as identified by DOD. Expertly prepared briefings/presentations of ethnic and special observance events, demographic representations and command climate assessments/surveys, and maintained EO Statistical Database.


Regularly visited subordinate commands to assist with and evaluate compliance with MIRC, USAR and HQDA EO requirements; tracked unit EO activities to assure equitable treatment of all individuals and assessed complaints to assure technical merit sufficiency, clarify any discrepancies and recommend complaint acceptance/denial/appeals. During EO investigations served as informational source for Commanders/investigating officers and reviewed

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findings/recommendations to ensure legal/regulatory appropriateness. Identified potential actions to be taken to remediate situations and shared information on possible solutions utilizing written/oral communication with general officers/management/staff at higher and lower echelons.


Served as source of relevant direction concerning sexual harassment/assault for first responders and others involved in preventing or responding to harassment/assault issues; provided information to all personnel concerning individual and systemic problems and established program methodologies covering reporting, confidentiality, training, maintaining safety and available resources. Adroitly managed SHARP program, as well as Brigade SHARP/SARC and Victim Advocate SHARP (VA/SHARP) and ensured the victim advocates were trained in providing highest levels of victim advocacy services.


Skillfully employed professional knowledge of social/behavioral sciences, administrative skills and understanding of military objectives/policies to recommend program objectives/policies, develop performance measurements to identify program effectiveness and design training materials in support of Army commitment to preventing sexual harassment/assault while increasing awareness/response/education. Utilized capabilities in analyzing data, researching surveys, interviewing various individuals, and recognizing stereotypes and their effects on group dynamics; also recognized differences between racism, sexism, discrimination and prejudice, with particular focus on institutional discrimination. Continually developed capabilities in identifying and assessing issues/problems within workplace and designed various strategies for implementing organizational change. Authored/implemented insightful SOPs directed toward achieving program goals; also identified problems/issues with potentiality for serious consequences. Consistently ensured that all complaints of sexual harassment/sexual assault received appropriate processing according to governing laws/regulations/policies and presented recommendations regarding responses/actions.



June 2003 January 2006

United States, Special Operations Command, Pacific (SOCPAC)

Camp Smith, HI

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Allen Richards Phone: 808.477.9983 May Contact: N/A


Senior Human Resource Supervisor, Command Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA) and Diversity Manager


Tasked to support Commanding General as principal Senior HR supervisor with comprehensive oversight responsibilities for the SHARP/SARP and EO/EEO programs for SOCPAC, with more than 13,000 active/reserve military, families, civilians and contractor personnel. Assignment involved planning/conducting EO/EEO/SHARP/SARP training for SOCPAC Command, articulating/promoting awareness of DOD and DA EO policies, and monitoring EO/EEO practices throughout SOCPAC Command to assure equitable treatment of all individuals. Conscientiously led conferences/briefings/training sessions covering affirmative action, EO, EEO discrimination and sexual harassment; also continuously employed skills in analyzing data to develop advisement/recommendations for senior leadership on resolving organizational conflicts.

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During tenure in assignment received and processed complaints involving EO/EEO discrimination. Diligently interviewed complainants, co-workers and managers to gain factual information in support of developing informal resolutions at lowest levels possible for discrimination complaints. Continually utilized excellent capabilities as consultant, critical thinker, facilitator and problem-solver as well as strengths in conflict resolution; recognized stereotypes and the resultant effect on group dynamics, as well as the differences between racism, sexism, discrimination and prejudices including institutional discrimination. Developed strengths in identifying workplace problems and designing/facilitating change strategies; also defined organizational affirmative action objectives/processes, with particular focus on facilitating Human Relations and Diversity Training, Mediation, Ethnic Observances and recognition of special population groups, as identified by the DOD.


Led development of briefings/presentations of ethnic and special observance events, demographic representations and command climate assessments/surveys; maintained EO statistical database and directed staff assistance visits/organization inspections of subordinate brigades to provide assistance and evaluate compliance with U.S., PACOM, SOCPAC and DA EO requirements.



January 1999 May 2003

United States Army

6th Psychological Operations Group

Fort Bragg, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: James A. Treadwell Phone: 910.432.6005 May Contact: N/A


Senior Human Resource Supervisor and Command Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA)


Expertly ensured morale, welfare and training of 62 military/civilian personnel, with accountability for equipment valued at $1.5M+, and coordinated support functions/policies for deployed individuals providing direct support for Combat Theater of Operations. Developed policy guidance for personnel programs while providing quality assurance of correspondence and management of tasks for five divisions. Skillfully coordinated internal/external tasks within subordinate units/HR Directorates, prepared staffing/personnel level status reports, evaluated individual personnel qualifications for special assignments and authored/processed transfer and reassignment requests.


Successfully gained knowledge of mission requirements/organizational structure for Sustainment and Service Support Operations, including short-/long-range exercise and training calendars; also worked closely with subordinate leads and Army Central Command to conduct inspections and staff assistance visits. Also assessed sustainment initiatives for supporting current/future personnel and equipment strength levels including technologies, usage rates, recurring maintenance and training requirements. Effectively assessed DOD/DA policies determining impact on HR asset strategies/guidance within CENTCOM AOR and Combat Theater of Operations.

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As Action Officer planned/coordinated/executed six command-level events including preparing various documents/reports for use by leadership in HR conference; held key role in researching and publishing policy focused on tailoring command personnel standards and provided essential training for subordinate commands on various HR/administrative procedures and personnel action processing.


Proficiently served as HR Manager providing services and consultations on most effective alignment of HR systems to support strategic objectives and accomplish Command mission; oversaw systems that applied merit system principles to attract/develop/manage/retain high-quality and diverse workforce. Continually demonstrated knowledge of Command program, activities, missions, policies, objectives and management principles and processes; was also knowledgeable in analytical/evaluative methodologies for assessing program development and improving organizational effectiveness.


Additionally provided Command with advisement concerning uses of automation for improving administrative support/program operational efficiencies; concentrated on procedures on records, communications, directives, forms, files and other documentation, reviewed audit/investigative reports to identify needed corrective actions, and analyzed proposed changes in mission, operating procedures and authority delegation. Diligently reviewed any delinquent HR reports and recommended response actions as defined by Government/Department/Agency policies and regulations; also developed policies/directives/procedures concerning administrative and management requirements, compiled data and prepared complex, confidential reports as mandated by higher echelons. Authored unit policies/rules/procedures/practices for Command-wide administrative functions as directed by Army orders and guidelines.


For Command encompassing over 7,000 soldiers/family members, civilians and contractors, was responsible for Equal Opportunity Program; successfully maintained all service and support levels in spite of staffing deficit of 50%, with responsibilities for implementing EO military policies as directed by higher leadership including developing local directives/procedures to promote full understanding by all employees. In assignment served as principal Senior Advisor regarding Human Relations matters concerning equal opportunity, discrimination, diversity, conflict management and sexual harassment, and impact of military EO plan/policies.


Effectively provided complaint counseling and was granted authority to inquire into, counsel and resolve informal discrimination complaints; also maintained complaint process to assist Commanders and others concerning organizational transfers. Utilized strong mediation/facilitation capabilities to provide alternative dispute resolution to assist Commanders, officers and soldiers with internal transfers. Continually resolved array of discrimination complaints at lowest possible levels and skillfully utilized tact and diplomacy at all levels to provide advice, assistance and information in functional EO areas.



May 1994 December 1998

United States Army

112th Signal Battalion

Fort Bragg, NC

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Michael Knox Phone: 910.432.2992 May Contact: N/A

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Senior Human Resource Supervisor and Command Equal Opportunity Advisor (EOA)


For more than 5,000 military/civilian/contractor personnel oversaw Command HR actions; steered performance of all military personnel management/HR programs, deployment tracking (PERSTEMPO), military awards, casualties, evaluations, requisitioning, reporting and individual military training budgets. Effectively analyzed existing/potential changes to mission, workload and TDA and continually monitored automated personnel system reports to assure accuracy, personnel strength levels and effective utilization of individuals. Continually interacted with headquarters personnel, subordinate organizations, TOPMIS, EDAS and U.S. Army HRC to identify projected gains/losses in officers and enlisted personnel numbers. Authored various personnel management and HR policies and was considered as authority for interpreting/understanding laws, regulations, policies and procedures.


Reviewed and assessed effectiveness of current policies to assure application consistency; consulted with senior leadership at all Command levels/field installations regarding proposed initiatives and new/revised policies that may have impact on Command HR programs. Was consistently available to respond to and advise on complex issues/problems; identified problems, developed solutions and provided on-site assistance and recommendations for program improvement.


As principal technical advisor and EO Compliance Specialist for Military Intelligence Readiness Command that included more than 6,200 personnel located in 40+ strategic/tactical intelligence units across CONUS, was responsible for compiling/analyzing EO data concerning various EO program inequities at multiple management levels. Tasked with interpreting and promoting awareness of DOD, DA EO/EEO policies including Executive Order 11246, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and 38 U.S.C. 4212, the Vietnam-Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974 and AR 600-20.


Was responsible for visiting and assisting subordinate commands and to evaluate compliance with MIRC, USAR and HQDA EO requirements; continually monitored unit EO practices to assure equitable treatment of all individuals. Skillfully assessed complaints to identify technical sufficiency, clarify discrepancies and recommend acceptance or denial of complaints/appeals. Served as subject matter expert in providing advisement to Commanders and investigating officers during EO investigations, and reviewed findings/recommendations to assure meeting legal/regulatory requirements.


Developed action recommendations for resolving complaints that aligned with precedent cases and communicated with general officers, management and staff personnel at higher/lower echelons. Successfully identified under-representation of women/minorities in leadership roles and developed remediation advisement; also utilized in-depth knowledge of Federal Personnel Recruitment Programs to assist managers in finding/recruiting members of under-represented groups. Supported senior executive training activities in accordance with training regulations, coordinated EO programs/special observance to promote unit harmony and assisted in developing affirmative action plans for Commands.


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Successfully represented unit during public/private meetings, interaction with various governmental agencies and groups or other individuals; regularly met with civil rights groups and community action organizations in support of improving human relations and understanding. As an EEO Counselor, directed applicants in all aspects of pre-complaint discrimination/harassment filings against government to assure compliance with prevailing regulations. Authored consultation reports, interviewed complainant as well as management to determine claim basis; led conferences/seminars on affirmative action, EO/EEO, discrimination, sexual harassment, responded to complaints, initiated actions, served as EO/SHARP Training Officer and ensured training was progressive and meaningful and complied with all regulations.






Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, HI

Master of Science in Information Systems, 2007


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Campbell University, Fort Bragg, NC

Bachelor of Business Administration, 2003


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Fayetteville Technical Community College, Fayetteville, NC

Associates General Education, 1990


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A



Certified Training


Human Resources

Equal Opportunity Advisor

Sexual Harassment/Sexual Assault Response & Prevention/Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SHARP/SARC)





Joint Service Commendation Medal

Army Commendation Medal, (4th award)

Army Achievement Medal, (3rd award)

Joint Meritorious Unit Award, (2nd award)

Army Good Conduct Medal, (7th award)

National Defense Service Medal, (2nd award)

South West Asia Service Medal


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