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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

10-Point Preference Service-Connected Disability of 30%

SIPR/NIPR/Secret Security Clearance



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies


Warehouse Management, Logistics Supervision, Program Management, Quality Control, Personnel Supervision, International Involvements, System Monitoring, Objective/Goal Achievement, Global Process Improvement, Maintenance/Management Systems Oversight, Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems, Workplace Health/Safety/Security, Facility Management, HR/Personnel Issue Management, Personnel Recruitment and Training, Problem Resolution, Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE), SAP, Departmental/Customer Interface, Order Fulfillment, ROED Material Handling Operations/Project Management, Variable Cost Productivity (VCP) Initiatives, Internal Audits, Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Interface, Policy/Procedure Support, Vendor Relations, Quote Development, Program Management, Risk Management, Quality Control


Retired from U.S. Air Force; 25 Years in Emergency Essential Position

Professional Experience


June 2015 - Present

General Electric/Alstom

Signaling Transportation

Location: N/A

Hours per Week: 55

Salary: $90,000 annually

Supervisor: Kelli Willis Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact: N/A


Warehouse Manager / Warehouse & Logistics Supervisor


Adroitly manage work performance of team leaders/supervisors tasked with overseeing 35 personnel at temperature-controlled specialist warehouses that store foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals and hazardous materials. Multiple responsibilities include achieving objectives, resolving issues, participating in root-cause analysis and managing complex projects including such personnel actions as recruitment, training and staff discipline. Monitor/process

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systems to assure achievement of productivity goals; oversee facility maintenance/security, labor management systems including assuring meeting proper workplace health/safety standards, and automated storage/retrieval systems.


Successfully lead personnel in shipping/receiving/material handling activities for railroad signaling parts to assure order accuracy as well as on-time delivery; considered as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for import/export shipping. Develop all needed international documentation and was responsible for successfully shipping over 200M parts with none being held in customs detainment; direct global process improvements including SAP solution testing/implementation. Use OBIEE for delivery of parts and serve in liaison role between plant, global customer service, sales, planning and customers regarding order fulfillment, transit times and quick ship information.


Direct ROED Material Handling Operations and Project Management shipping requests for inter-company process; participate in VCP initiatives, evaluate lanes/shipping charges to assure proper account charging, carefully plan staffing/support to reduce overtime and continually support off-site storage reduction. Steer equipment maintenance program, manage third-party vendors, perform inventory control/cost adjustments and schedule/maintain order and load status.


Skillfully serve as ES Site SAP/Oracle expert, oversee global policy creation and global operation training for logistics/CSC, conduct regular internal audits, provide in-depth training on safety programs and work with EHS for ongoing enhancements. Hold responsibilities over $892M in inventory, including shipping $75M+ on quarterly basis, prepare orders for delivery, disburse stock, support records maintenance, and continually initiate/coordinate/enforce organizational policies to ensure receiving/warehousing/distribution operational efficiencies. Continually verify deliveries, reconcile shipping invoices, organize/distribute incoming deliveries and manage vendor relations with logistics companies to assure competitive pricing. Obtain/submit quotes for internal and external clients for multiple projects.



November 2004 July 2014

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Anchorage, AK

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $110,000 annually

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Logistics Management Specialist


Served at Ft. Richardson at Elmendorf AFB, Ft. Wainwright at Eielson AFB, Ft. Greely, King Salmon and Kodiak Coast Guards; supported Army Sustainment Command (ASC) and 404th Army Field Support Brigade by providing intelligence optimizing logistical support for warfighters and ensuring response to DOD requirements for USARPAC, 8th Army and other Commanders in Pacific AOR as well as Operation Enduring Freedom. Authored daily/weekly/monthly reports to assure that superiors and agency staff were kept apprised of status of various actions, and continually provided logistics support necessary for ground maintenance/support systems/support equipment, heavy equipment, combat systems and general items.

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For military activities in the Pacific Theater, Alaska and parts of Southeast Asia, was the Customer Support Representative (CSR) and Warfighter Support Representative, serving as first-point-of-contact in developing/refining/analyzing/modifying logistical and supply program policies.


DLA served in exceptional partnership role with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to assure acquisition of supplies needed during Operation Northern Watch/Shield, a federal exercise held annually in Alaska to prepare state for potential 8.0 earthquake. Was tasked to assure delivery of partner services under Emergency Support Function (ESF), working with six partner agencies on disaster resource and reporting requirements/data sharing, including mission assignments, interagency agreements and contract support.


Directed needed organizational adjustments while serving as interim DLA Commander on site prior to SES arrival; responded to complex situations to request personnel, supplies, services and equipment, establish work assignments and develop clear directives and performance expectations for all deployed personnel.


Employed SAP for Warehouse Management business areas including inventory management, distribution/logistics, barcoding and wireless technologies; also developed operational plans to support deployment/redeployment of combat forces, assessed inventories, approved material release orders and assured readiness of on-hand equipment. Provided crucial assistance to ground/aircraft maintenance personnel and materiel managers with Class II / II / V / VII / IX requisitions by leveraging item managers from Army Materiel Command (AMC) and DLA. Collaborated with item managers regarding item shortages, developing future planning to manage equipment and transferring excess to other sites.


Utilized extensive knowledge of supply/maintenance management to support demand planning for customers; applications included re-supply, repair, overhaul, retrofit conversion, modernization and rebuild of assigned equipment utilizing Logistics Information Warehouse (LIW), WEBLIDB, E-mall, Parts Tracker Army War Reserve Deployment System (AWRDS) and Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) databases. Was strong contributor to weekly/monthly/quarterly Video Tele-Conferences (VTC) with DLA, serving as SME on Alaska accountability/policies/procedures covering strategy, planning, customer service and readiness.


Continually supported 8th Army during RSOI/Full Eagle, Key Resolve and Pacific Reach seasonal exercises and bi-annual CJLOTS exercises; considered to be expert on primary superfund cost recovery and records management and provided direction to superfund program commander, policy/management accounting program, other federal agencies and local governments to ensure satisfactory exchange of information/documentation supporting DLA programs.


Oversaw development/forecasting/channeling/shipping of warfighter requirements to multiple locations on short notice; resolved various operating plan shortfalls and identified limitations with potential negative impact on warfighter mission performance. Authored insightful briefing updates for Headquarter DLA at Ft. Belvoir and senior leadership that served as an information conduit concerning warfighter requirements. Successfully established relationships with clients, delivered quality services and demonstrated competency in steering internal/external programs within established timeframes as well as technical capabilities/professional knowledge. Have

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developed exceptional business acumen as well as abilities to continually assimilate information, stay current with any new advisory service developments, skillfully lead personnel and work within team environment; continually utilized strong oral and written communication capabilities.



November 2004 July 2014

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

DLA-P Korea

Camp Casey, Korea

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $110,000 annually

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Logistics Management Specialist (YA-0346-02)


Expertly provided analyses/intelligence optimizing logistical warfighter support and ensuring DLA rapid response to DOD requirements for 2ID; assured that leadership received pertinent intelligence and that Agency staffs received needed briefings. Expertly published tasking and suspense information to appropriate Field Activities for important Requests for Information (RFIs) and worked closely with Agency supply chain SMEs/agents on crucial supply chain topics. Also participated as DCST team member during seasonal exercise RSOI/Full Eagle; ensured that warfighter future requirements were directed to appropriate DLA Field Activity and integrated into future contracts (Ten Exercise Total).


Effectively designed/implemented/monitored/maintained access control systems, procedures and security measures to provide protection/integrity for sensitive facilities/information. Served as Contingency Planner with responsibilities for providing expert advisement and represented Agency at routine and special meetings; also was Contract Officer Representative (COR) with responsibilities for managing resources in adherence to contracts/interagency agreements and preparing any needed documentation, and was participant in procurement process to assure alignment with Agency business practices.


Held major role in organizational procurement activities for materials, products/services and equipment; processed purchase orders, determined best prices in line with cost/quality guidelines and verified receipt of purchased items. Also maintained supplier/vendor database, monitored vendor performance and developed recommendations regarding additions/deletions of vendors to database. Skillfully negotiated with suppliers to gain best prices and optimal delivery conditions; also identified procurement opportunities, worked with Accounts Payable to resolve any credit/pricing issues, and coordinated with receiving departments to resolve any problems/issues in order to expedite delivery process. Utilized Formal Requests for Services (FRS)/Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to solicit materials/products/services from vendors and other informal sources and was authorized to negotiate for acquisitions valued at over $2.5M.


Consistently evaluated suppliers/vendors to assure compliance with industry standards; was strong leader as well as contributor to team activities and on daily basis demonstrated excellent oral/written skills. Continually employed customer service strengths, innovation/initiative toward managing resources, identified problems, coordinated corrective actions and was Level I / II / III Acquisition Certified.

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November 2004 July 2014

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)

Anchorage, AK

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $110,000 annually

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Customer Service Representative (GS-0346-13)


Effectively provided input to customer service planning initiatives and reported to Commander of DLA Headquarters in Pacific; was primary logistics advisor/operator for Alaska with responsibilities for developing plans/programs/policies for operational management regarding current/projected supply and transportation readiness. Skillfully evaluated program to identify quality/quantity of work, regulatory compliance and service effectiveness; identified problems, coordinated corrective activities and affected needed changes. Also developed recommendations for organizational change, often involving operating costs and key positions; monitored supply management and technical supply operations and designed operation planning to support contingency/training missions including troop deployment/redeployment actions.


Steered budget development/forecasting for all logistics units; analyzed logistics requirements for supply, maintenance, transportation and other services supporting material development, fielding, deployment, sustainment and redeployment/reconstitution. Diligently researched trends/patterns using experimental concepts to develop unique programs for resolving problems; directed team activities in logistics management special studies/projects. Also developed plans for Agency participation in JCS/Unified/Joint/Combined/Service-sponsored exercises in Korean Theater and was strong participant with Unified/Specified Commands, other Services and Federal Civilian Agencies in planning and executing contingency, mobilization and emergency operations exercises.


Was strong contributing participant to RSOI, Alaska Shield Northern Edge and UFL exercises, distributing workload among employees, and provided important technical assistance for developmental initiatives. Successfully resolved array of complex logistics management/policies/technical issues, evaluated Alaskan programs for efficiencies and goal achievement effectiveness, and assessed current Alaskan business processes. Continually demonstrated leadership, strong teamwork support, written/oral communication excellence and skill in identifying and remediating problems/issues, including identifying resources necessary to accomplish goals.



May 2001 November 2004

United States Air Force

Readiness Squadron

RAF Lackenheath AFB, UK

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $75,000 annually

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Director of Materiel and Distribution Flight

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As senior manager, effectively oversaw work performance of 109 military/19 ministry personnel involved with distribution/storage of 31,000+ in supplies/equipment valued at $696M; periodically reviewed published SOPs/technical information to assure proper inventory control activities performance. Consistently ensured that messages/materials were valid and aligned with Air Force priorities and served as the primary technical authority for all distribution operations. Skillfully planned/managed highly efficient operations to accomplish assignments and handled all Due-In From Maintenance (DIFM) equipment turn-ins including ensuring that any unserviceable assets were turned in with 60 days. Initiated add/change/delete primary location input for serviceable POS, re-warehoused 12,000+ line items in preparation for move to new facility and expertly combined items to save needed space. Directed box inventory reconciliation actions to ensure accuracy of physical box location information and collaborated with IT support staff to analyze workload priorities and track physical/virtual equipment inventory.


Served as unit representative with Director regarding resource requirements, assignment clarification, policies/procedures and other relevant workplace issues; was also considered as technical SME for security policies, regulations and procedures. Developed, evaluated and implemented security procedures in adherence to Executive Orders, Presidential Emergency Action Documents and Presidential Decision Directives prior to exercise. On annual basis participated in OPSEC and OSHA training; was deployed to Iraq for eight months and developed/maintained integrated communications systems.


Was additionally tasked with performing wide array of risk management-related duties utilizing exceptional organizational and multi-assignment management skills; also continually demonstrated excellent knowledge of Risk Management and Crop Insurance programs, policies/procedures/regulations and data quality management. Successfully served as primary Superfund Cost Recovery and Records Management expert, providing strong guidance and direction to Superfund Program Managers, the Policy and Management Accounting Program, Regional Counsel, DOJ and other federal agencies and state/local governments to ensure exchange/acquisition of documents and other needed information that best served Agency program needs.


Led Cost Recovery efforts within Superfund Division Enforcement Module utilizing Superfund Cost Recovery Package Imaging and On-Line System (SCORPIOS); was responsible for cost recover policy, guidance, system use and security on Superfund Document Management System (SDMS). Prepared/reviewed Superfund Cost documentation packages in compliance with Financial Management Procedures for Documenting Superfund Costs. Also facilitated collaboration with Superfund Program cost recovery team which involved providing direction of team work performance as well as leading on-the-job training for team members.


As Contract Office Representative (COR) managed resources in alignment with contracts/interagency agreements; also prepared all needed documentation and was an active participant in the procurement process. Provided crucial technical advisement on application of property disposal laws/regulations/developments and counseled federal/state officials regarding utilization/donation/disposal laws and regulations. Also developed insightful recommendations concerning dealing with excess property, coordinated/conducted sales of personal exchange/sale property and surplus property in alignment with applicable regulations, and completed arrangements for transfer of property between federal agencies.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 7 of 8


November 2000 May 2001

United States Air Force

48 LRS Logistics Readiness Squadron

RAF Lackenheath AFB, UK

Hours per Week: 45

Salary: $75,000 annually

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Superintendent, Mobility Readiness Spares Package (MRSP) / DRMO Supervisor


As headquarters Mobility Readiness Manager, reported to base Commander, with leadership responsibilities over 12 military/two Ministry of Defense personnel; managed three MRSPs and three Consumable Readiness Spares Packages (CRSPs) valued at $59.9M+, and collaborated with deployment managers on deploying of MRSPs, CRSPs and Mission Support Kits (MSKs) supporting 82 F-15C/D/E aircraft.


Directed vehicle and material handling equipment maintenance and analyzed logistics risk management regarding aircraft weapons systems, support spares, maintainability, reliability/provisioning, technical data and multiple services on DOD and other federal agency contracts. Was source of crucial technical advisement for federal/state officials concerning application of property disposal laws/regulations/developments and appropriate methods to be used for disposal of excess property; as DRMO Supervisor, oversaw sales of personal exchange/sale property and surplus property including arranging for property transfers, analyzing customs regulations/documents and applying comprehensive knowledge of customs procedures, requirements, rates of duty, merchandise classification and various entry requirements. Successfully supervised Inventory Control Unit personnel and worked closely with management in conducting studies/evaluations of inventory control operations.



November 1999 November 2000

United States Air Force

51st Supply Squadron

Osan AB, Korea

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Edwin Ayers Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Customer Service Director/Career Programs Manager


Held key role in developing annual $926M+ Financial Spending Plan; oversaw ten military/five Korean national personnel, supported over 200 organizations and seven separate units, managed 386 equipment accounts valued at $358M and reported equipment transactions in Air Force Equipment Management System. Scrupulously maintained equipment files, managed quality control activities on incoming equipment requests, resolved array of customer complaints/problems, ensured adherence to existing policies/procedures/regulations concerning records accession and provided Certification of Receipt to appropriate officials. Coordinated box inventory reconciliations to assure accuracy regarding physical location of equipment,

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 8


implemented management requirements concerning inventory control production reporting and performed data searches to support report function.




Education / Training / Certifications


University of Phoenix

Masters of Education, 2004


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Wayland Baptist

Bachelor of Science, Business/Accounting, 2000


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Community College of the Air Force

Applied Science Degree, Logistics Management


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A



Acquisition Logistics Fundamentals, 2011

Fundamentals of Systems Sustainment Management, 2011

Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM), 2011

Physical Inventories, 2011

Joint Systems Integrated Support Strategies, DAU, on-line, 2010

Introduction to Defense Distribution, DAU, on-line, 2010

Title 10 Depot Maintenance Statue Overview, DAU, on-line, 2010

Depot Maintenance Partnering, DAU, 2010

Fundamentals of Systems Acquisition Management, 2010

Contracting Officer Representative Course, 40 hours, ALU, 2010

Cost Analysis, DAU, on-line, 2010

DoD Government Purchase Card, DAU, on-line, 2010

Work Breakdown Structure, DAU, on-line, 2010

Evolutionary Acquisition, DAU, on-line, 2010

Defense Logistics Agency Support to PM, DAU, 2010

Life Cycle Logistics for the Rest of Us, DAU, 2009

Designing for Supportability in DoD Systems, DAU, on-line, 2009

Performance Base Logistics (PBL), DAU, on-line, 2009

DoD Packaging, DAU, on-line, 2009

SLAMIS, DAU, on-line, 2009




Life Cycle Logistics Level III Certified

Life Cycle Logistics Level II Certified

Life Cycle Logistics Level I Certified

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