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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Secret Security Clearance



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies

Budget Analysis, Defense Financial Manager, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), POM, Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE), Programming Budget Information System (PBIS), JCIDS, SECNAV, OPNAV, Ship/Squadron/SYSCOM/Echelon I, Surface Warfare, Joint/Coalition/Amphibious Warfare, Mine Warfare, Program Management, Personnel Training, Personnel Pay/Allowance/Travel Funding, Congressional Information Management System (CIMS), Proposal Review, Navy Tasker System, Resource Management Decisions (RMDs), Joint Staff Requirement Oversight (JROC), Report Preparation



Professional Experience


September 2014 - Present

Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)

Washington Navy Yard

Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $150,249 annually

Supervisor: Capt. Huan Nguyen Phone: 202.781.2517 May Contact


Operations Support Officer / Personnel Manager (CDR, USN)


Background: NAVSEA is comprised of command staff, headquarters directorates, various Program Executive Offices (PEOs) and other field activities, with responsibilities encompassing engineering, building, buying and maintaining ships/submarines/combat systems in support of current and future Fleet operational requirements. NAVSEA is largest of five Navy system Commands; allocated fiscal year budget of approximately $30B, representing one-quarter of entire Navy budget, and supported by 70,000 civilian/military/contract personnel.


Effectively serve as Senior Program Manager, with comprehensive responsibilities for integration/employment/training of 1800+ Navy Reservist personnel tasked with providing more than 10K man-days of annual support for NAVSEA operations; adroitly oversee $3M in pay, allowance and travel funding for personnel on Active Duty Training (ADT)/Inactive Duty Travel Training (IDTT) orders.

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Successfully oversee NAVSEA Reserve program manning/billet requirements and organize units to provide highest levels of support for Commander s top priorities; structured five units to support MDA, SSP, worldwide Heavy Lift, IT and shipyard surge maintenance in U.S. as well as 400 billets added to program. Additionally, as Indoctrination Coordinator, led/trained 200+ personnel in Bystander Intervention techniques.



September 2012 September 2014

Chief of Naval Operations, Assessment Division (OPNAV N81)


Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $147,380 annually

Supervisor: John Uhl Phone: 703.693.8730 May Contact


POM/PPBE Budget Analyst (CDR, USN)


Background: OPNAV N81 was responsible for analyzing warfighting/warfighting support capabilities to provide intelligence utilized in decision-making and prioritizing actions; N81 oversaw Navy analytic agenda, conducted campaign analysis and headed Navy participation in Joint Analytic Agenda.


As Budget Analyst was tasked with utilizing Congressional Information Management System (CIMS) in preparing/reviewing congressional responses; used Navy Tasker system to prepare/review/coordinate over 100 papers/proposals within major staffs including OPNAV, OSD, USFF and others. Reviewed/assessed sufficiency and capability of $100B+ in Navy programs during three POM cycles covering shipbuilding, warfighting, manpower, readiness and R&D accounts.


Expertly utilized Navy planning database (PBIS) to review Navy/OSD Program and budgetary actions and monitored RMDs to assess impact on Navy capability and develop recommendations regarding possible changes to capability investments. Skillfully tracked JROC and acquisition decisions as well as Congressional actions and offered well-reasoned recommendations for needed adjustments to analysis as well as ongoing Navy programs.


Carefully reviewed JCIDS materials, attended Joint Program reviews, prepared issue/summary reports for leadership and analyzed Navy investment funding levels that might have impact on Navy warfighting capabilities; also reviewed OSD planning/programming materials including QDR, GDF, GEF and Joint Staff documents as well as Chairman s Program Assessment (CPA) and Chairman s Program Review (CPR) to identify any changes in capability that could affect Navy warfighting.


Held pivotal role in developing PPBE program/budget calendar and monitoring resource/capability sponsor products for timeliness and compliance; as N81 section head participated in development of front-end assessment, warfighting and support capabilities assessment and integrated program assessment, recommending $30B+ in additions/adjustments to POM.

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Held comprehensive responsibilities for Analytic Agenda, overseeing two years of full-life-cycle activities; reviewed 900+ requests for study proposals from Resource Sponsors and field activities and employed funding limitations/scope/issue importance to prioritize proposed studies. Also tracked progress during performance, summarized results for leadership and maintained database for ease of search/information access. Successfully oversaw EPA-TOA cost project model, coordinated EPA-TOA excursions for N81 analytic efforts during three POM cycles, uncovered impact to CIVPERS, MPN and SCN funding and worked with N9 to develop data for Force structure wargame and Future Force structure studies.



September 2010 August 2012

Chief of Naval Operations, Chief of Navy Reserve (OPNAV N095)


Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $146,459 annually

Supervisor: Capt. John McCracken Phone: 240.857.6115 May Contact


Manpower Planning/Strategic Communications (CDR, USN)


Background: Office of Chief of the Navy Reserve coordinates strategic goals of Navy Reserve and establishes plans, programs, policies and standards for 50,000+ members; Chief of the Navy Reserve serves as Director of CNO staff with responsibilities for developing vision, direction, leadership, priorities and strategies that effectively use Reserve in supporting total integrated forces.


Skillfully utilized Navy Tasker system to prepare/review/coordinate 20+ papers/proposals within Major Staffs, i.e. OSD, CNRFC, USMC, OPNAV and others; also, as Branch Head of Strategic Communications, advised Chief of Navy Reserve on various engagement opportunities and assisted in developing vision for Reserve Force. Successfully directed FY11 Strategic Initiative Review and Ready Now Advisory Council (RNAC) in reviewing status of initiatives from FY10; drafted Navy-wide messages, organized Flag-level meetings, and assisted in developing first-ever Reserve-wide Adobe Connect town hall.


Directed training/education policy for 50,000 Reservists and coordinated with personnel from OSD, SECNAV, OPNAV and COMNAVRESFORCOM regarding Navy/DOD training. Briefed SES/Flag Officers on OSD-level training requirements review and on a project that increased Reserve participation in Naval Postgraduate School program. Interacted with OPNAV N15 and Navy Personnel Command to assure achievement of various education requirements. Steered Navy Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) that was designed to improve military readiness while concurrently coordinating with DOD in providing quality services to various communities.



January 2011 September 2011

NATO Rule of Law Field Support Mission

Kandahar, Afghanistan

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $147,000 annually

Supervisor: Todd Mercer Phone: N/A May Contact

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 4 of 10


Director of Operations (J3) (CDR, USN)


Background: The Rule of Law Field-Force Afghanistan CJIATF 435 was tasked with providing field capabilities, interaction, technical assistance and security for Afghan/international civilians in growing Afghan criminal justice capabilities and advancing dispute resolution activities that support improving Afghan government effectiveness.


As Director of Operations, assessed array of construction proposals forwarded from 20 Field Officers that supported various infrastructure upgrades while strong supporting directives that contracting be conducted in alignment with International Security Assistance Force practices. Expertly managed more than 360 Rule of Law security missions in a joint environment that involved over 120 Soldiers/Airmen/Marines in eight Afghan provinces under command of an Army BG.


On daily basis authored crucial project updates for Joint and Coalition audience concerning status of forces in Afghanistan; reports were included in briefings for Three-Star Commander of CJIATF 435 and to update theater Commander/Joint Staff. Developed/coordinated 75+ SOPs, FRAGORDS and OPORDS through Joint/Coalition staff that affected Joint Military forces, DOD civilians and NGOs. Additionally, directed coordination of operational plans, security actions, routine activities and related reporting for 300+ individuals in 20 Key Terrain Districts; regularly interfaced with Two- and Three-Star Joint and Foreign Staffs, NGO and U.S. Embassy support personnel. Collaborated with OSD, Joint and National Security Council personnel in justifying/implementing reorganization and expansion of U.S.-only Rule of Law mission to become member of NATO.



June 2009 August 2010

Secretary of the Navy

Office Program Assessment

Office of Program and Process Appraisal (OPPA)


Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $128,272 annually

Supervisor: Jill Ballard Phone: 703.614.2264 May Contact


Program and Budget Analyst (CDR, USN)


Background: OPPA Director reports to SECNAV, providing advisement concerning Department of the Navy (DON) programs.


As Program and Budget Analyst, successfully performed trend and spending levels analysis throughout POM process across $160B budget; surfaced issues addressed by SECNAV, CNO and Marine Corps Commandant prior to providing estimated DON budget to OSD. Assessed Navy shipbuilding, contractor incentives, transitioning to organic MCM and Navy readiness which resulted in modifying resources to more closely align with SECNAV priorities. Diligently reviewed 30+ SENAV/FMB/Navy/Marine Corps POM products to identify any policy/funding issues and developed talking points for leadership that clarified areas of disagreement.

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Also served as OPPA Director s representative at various Navy forums, adroitly promoting and assuring proper delivery of DON strategies and business/enterprise themes and initiatives over two POM cycles. Acknowledgement of performance excellence and subject matter expertise resulted in being personally selected to serve as one of five DON Deputy Leads for QDR 2008. Additionally, successfully authored/reviewed issue papers and program summaries for Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus during transition into office.



July 2005 December 2008

Chief of Naval Operations

Chief of Navy Reserve (OPNAV N80)

Programming Division (OPNAV N80 Bullpen)


Washington, DC

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $123,000 annually

Supervisor: Jill Ballard Phone: 703.614.2264 May Contact


Financial Program Analyst (CDR, USN)


Background: OPNAV N80 is senior program planner within DON; provides advisement to CNO and SECNAV staffs on programming and financial management, directs Programming Phase of Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process, develops/balances Navy segment of DON POM and champions process during annual DOD program review process leading to DOD budget presented to Congress.


As Analyst, utilized CIMS to prepare/review congressional responses for senior Navy leadership; proficiently reviewed more than 20 papers/proposals within OPNAV and OSD/CNRFC/USMC staff using the Navy Tasker system. Skillfully developed/modified various issues in PBIS to reflect leadership decisions over three POM cycles while moving through DON, OSC and congressional approval processes. Used PBIS, Justification Books (J-Books) and various data systems to perform in-depth analysis of Resource Sponsor SPPs, OSD issue team deliberations and Service budget POM submissions during PPBE cycle; analysis supported improved budget decisions as well as integration of requirements/Joint decisions into program and budget plans.


Additional responsibilities included evaluating DON financial investments against recommendations from Analysis Directorate (OPNAV N81) covering Manpower, Readiness, Ballistic Missile Defense, ASW, Security Cooperation and Expeditionary Warfare. Successfully served as Director s representative in reviewing Navy Strategic Plan, OSD Guidance for Development of the Force (GDF) and OSD Future Forces Capabilities briefing for POTUS. Used subject matter expertise to review JCIDS documents, participated in Joint Program reviews concerning acquisitions, authored issue/summary reports for leadership, analyzed funding levels of Navy investments and led changes with propensity for affecting Navy warfighting capabilities.


Expertly assessed OSD planning/programming documents, including QDR, GDF, GEF, Chairman s Program Assessment (CPA), Chairman s Program Review (CPR) and other Joint Staff documents to surface any conflicts in funding levels or any changes that might have a

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negative impact on Navy warfighting capabilities. Was strong contributing attendee at OSD issue team meetings with involvement in reviewing decision briefs, working with the OPNAV Analysis Division and developing issue papers for Navy Leadership to ensure strong defendable position concerning Navy funding decisions developed during OSD end-game deliberations.



February 2003 June 2005

Mine Countermeasures Squadron Two

Ingleside, TX

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $86,071.46 annually

Supervisor: Aaron S. Peters Phone: 202.781.3228 May Contact


Operations Officer (N3) (LCDR, USN)


Background: Squadron supports Type Commander (TYCOM) with trained crews/ships that are ready for deployment to warfighting Fleet Commanders; surface mine countermeasures (MCM) ships are tasked to clear ports/harbors of mines, conduct underwater coastline surveys, neutralize array of mine threats and participate in Theater Security Cooperation actions.


Served with Sixth Fleet during Gulf War II on expeditionary Mine Countermeasures support that stood ready to provide assistance in Persian Gulf if needed; as Tactical Actions Officer (TAO) planned Mine Warfare for peacetime and wartime and continually supported Mine Warfare Commander. Skillfully directed integration of MCM/MHC units into force plan, including drafting OPTASKS and reporting unit movements within Gulf War plans; was MCM Evaluator for five Navy battle groups during exercises at Tactical Training Group Atlantic and assisted in scenario design, provided briefings to Warfare Commanders and assessed Mine Warfare Actions of assigned forces.


Skillfully drove Squadron duties expansion from readiness of ten ships/crews to manning, maintenance, training and certification readiness of largest-ever MCM squadron consisting of 24 MCM/MHC-class ships. Additionally, developed template for exchanging crews on ships in Bahrain with those trained in U.S. by flying replacements out to meet ship in assigned area of responsibility.


November 2000 January 2003

Navy Reserve Center

Glens Falls, NY

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $78, 238 annually

Supervisor: Ryan Nolan Phone: N/A May Not Contact contact applicant first


Commanding Officer (LCDR, USN)


Background: Glens Falls Center holds responsibilities for assuring readiness of 300+ Selected Reserve Sailors in ten units for providing operational capabilities for active-duty Commands fleetwide.

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Steered mobilization/demobilization process for individuals/units and ensured support for families; skillfully oversaw Human Resources-related activities, finance/budgetary control and readiness capabilities of over 130 active-duty/reservist personnel. Was responsible for managing five staff members, eight Unit Commanding Officers, 300 sailors, an annual payroll of $1.5B+, a $2M training/operations facility and an annual operating budget of more than $900,000. Assured provision of over 1400 man-days of support for U.S. and U.K activities that included mobilizing 15% of reservists following 9/11 disaster, and supporting Operation Eagle while holding attrition rate to less than 5%. Additional responsibilities included serving as a representative for a major federal agency supporting community public relations and also ensuring receipt of appropriate Funeral Honors for Navy Veterans in the Upstate New York region.



October 1998 July 2000

USS Ogden (LPD 5)

Naval Station San Diego, CA

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $75,780.14 annually

Supervisor: CDR Kevin Guillory Phone: N/A May Not Contact contact applicant first


Operations Department Head (LT, USN)


Background: LPD craft are utilized in transporting/landing Marines and equipment/supplies by embarked Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC), conventional landing craft and Amphibious Assault Vehicles (AAV), augmented by helicopters and vertical take-off/landing aircraft. LPDs support amphibious assault, special operations and expeditionary warfare missions; USS Ogden is 569 feet in length with crew of 1,300 and embarked Marines aboard.


As Tactical Actions Officer (TAO), held comprehensive responsibilities for being fully aware of tactical status/capabilities of friendly as well as hostile forces, and being totally competent in ability to maneuver ship so as to make full use of all onboard weapons/aircraft, both offensively and defensively.


Also, as Officer of the Deck Underway was responsible for assuring safe navigation, including collision avoidance, of ship; directed actions of Bridge team consisting of three officers/ten sailors in controlling propulsion, steering surface radar navigation and radio communications. As Senior Watch Officer directed training/performance of Bridge and CIC watchstanders and verified that individuals were fully qualified to act as Tactical Action Officers and Officer of the Deck; also served as Top Secret Control Officer.


Additional responsibilities, as Department Head, included managing administrative requirements for 120 officers/sailors performing drafting/release of operational reporting messages and overseeing use of Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy in reporting ship s combat readiness.


Expertly planned/executed ship operations including overseeing various amphibious and battle group workups and scheduling ship deployment to Persian Gulf to provide support for activities involving East Timor. Coordinated with USMC regarding shipboard amphibious operations, mission planning and all needed logistics; led training team in successfully gaining certification

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 10


of weapons/combat systems and held key role in planning of amphibious operations by USMC in Southern California, Western Pacific and Arabian Gulf.


Assured all needed repair/maintenance of Communications, Electronics and Combat system equipment serving four Divisions, and collaborated with senior staff members and foreign customer officers in scheduling U.S./international exercises and deployments.



December 1996 September 1998

USS Lewis B. Puller (FFG 23)

Naval Station San Diego, CA

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $50,179.99 annually

Supervisor: Bob Wells Phone: N/A May Contact


Operations Department Head (LT, USN)


Background: USS Lewis B. Puller is a Perry-class Frigate providing escort/protection to carrier battle groups, amphibious landing groups, underway replenishment and convoys; Lewis B. Puller is 445 feet long with crew of 205 officers/enlisted personnel.


As Tactical Actions Officer (TAO), held comprehensive responsibilities for being fully aware of tactical status/capabilities of friendly as well as hostile forces, and being totally competent in ability to maneuver ship to be able to make full use of all onboard weapons/aircraft, both offensively and defensively.


Served as Officer of the Deck during underway activities, with responsibilities for assuring ship s safe navigation and collision avoidance; directed three officers/six sailors Bridge team in controlling propulsion, steering surface radar navigation and radio communications. As Senior Watch Officer drafted underway as well as in-port schedules and supervised training/qualification activities for all ship s officers.


Also held responsibilities as Department Head that included managing administrative requirements for 60 officers/sailors performing drafting/release of operational reporting messages and overseeing use of Defense Readiness Reporting System-Navy in reporting on ship s combat readiness.


Skillfully interfaced with senior staffs and foreign customs officers in scheduling U.S./international exercises and deployments, and successfully coordinated decommission and hot plant turnover of ship to Egyptian Navy. To facilitate turnover activities, developed planning for demonstrating ship operations and training new Egyptian crew on safe operations of U.S. Frigate, and led safe incident-free underway while collaborating with Egyptian Naval Officers/sailors to verify and certify readiness for operating ship s navigation and control systems.



March 1994 January 1996

Navy and Marine Corps Reserve Center

Omaha, NE

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 9 of 10


Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $41,294 annually

Supervisor: CAPT Shirley Thomas Phone: N/A May Contact


Executive Officer (LT, USN)


Background: Omaha Reserve Center is tasked with assuring readiness of over 500 Reserve Sailors, in ten units, to provide operational support to fleetwide active-duty Commands. NOSC is responsible for mobilization/demobilization processes of individuals/units as well as providing support for families of deployed Reservists.


On daily basis steered facility operations and training activities, oversaw travel arrangements and directed all pay-related activities as well as long-range scheduling for 500+ active duty and reservist military personnel. As needed, drafted contract updates and multiple Memoranda of Agreement(s) with other military units to support resource usage efficiencies. Successfully performed duties of Security Manager that included controlling classified materials, continually updating facility physical security plans and conducting security training activities; interfaced with Marine Corps unit Instructor-Inspector utilizing same facility.


Skillfully met additional, concurrent assignment in command role at Reserve Center in Sioux Falls, ID, and served as Commanding Officer for Reserve Center in Omaha for three-month period following retirement of assigned Commanding Officer.



November 1990 February 1994

USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39)

Naval Station San Diego, CA

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: $33,233 annually

Supervisor: CDR James Garrish Phone: N/A May Not Contact


Division Officer (LTJG, USN)


Background: USS Mount Vernon is a dock landing ship designed to support multiple amphibious landing operations with capabilities for providing support for small craft that can include dry docking/repairs. The Mount Vernon is 553 feet long and carries crew of 800 officers/enlisted personnel as well as embarking Marines


Responsibilities in this assignment included managing wartime operations of well deck and flight deck operations for ship serving as part of 13-ship Amphibious Ready group deployed to Persian Gulf in support of Operations Desert Shield/Desert Storm/Desert Sabre. Diligently oversaw watch teams and was responsible for training/certifying officers in properly performing Combat Information Watch standing. During 1991, as part of Operation Sea Angel responding to Category Four Cyclone, directed humanitarian relief operations for Bangladesh.


Was tasked to manage 50 sailors within Operations and Deck Departments as Division Officer; held responsibilities for training, counseling, space upkeep, and equipment maintenance/repair. Planned/executed tactical and administrative offloads and replenishments of Marine/Navy equipment into Kuwait and stood Officer of the Deck Underway and Combat Information Center

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 10 of 10


Watch Officer during this assignment. Additional responsibilities included maintaining ship training schedule (TRMS), drafting daily/periodic operational messages concerning status of the ship (SORTS) and preparing daily reports of ship activities (OPSUM).





Naval Postgraduate School, Monterrey, CA

Master Systems Analysis, 2008

GPA: 3.67

Semester/Credit Hours: 158


Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH

Bachelor of Arts, 1986

GPA: 2.41

Semester/Credit Hours: 33





Certified Defense Financial Manager, American Society of Military Comptrollers, 2016


Advanced Mine Warfare Planning, Certificate of Training, 2003


Navy Security Manager, GPA, Certificate of Training, 2000


Advanced Surface Warfare Officer training, Certificate of Training, 1996





Defense Meritorious Service Medal

Meritorious Service Medal x 2

Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal x 5

Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal x 3

Joint Meritorious Unit Citation

Navy Unit Commendation

Coast Guard Meritorious Unit Commendation

Battle Efficiency Award x 2

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Afghanistan Campaign Medal

GWOT Service Medal

Humanitarian Service Medal

Armed Forces Reserve Medal (20 years service)

NATO non-Article 5 ISAF

Kuwait Liberation Medal

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