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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Country of Citizenship: United States

Job Title: Aircraft Examiner (Aircraft Electrician)

Vacancy Announcement Number: ST-10027442-17-DSA


Core Competencies


Aircraft Electrical Systems and Equipment Inspection/Troubleshooting/Fault Isolation/Modification/Testing/Repair, Current Generating Systems, Solid State Direct Current Transformer Rectifiers, External Power Monitors, Ground Power Switching, Engine Test Cell Instruments/Controls (among others), Aircraft Electrical Systems/Equipment Rework, Work Orders/Requests Analysis, Inspection Criteria Utilization, Engineering Instructions/ Maintenance Manuals Utilization, Malfunction Identification, TDs/Publications 02B-105ALB-6-1, Q2B-1O5AL6-6-2 MIMs for the Navy TF-34GE40OB Engine and the ZJ-TF34-1 16-1 thru 1 16-6, TF-34-GEIOOA Engine Develop W/OS/Routers


Professional Experience


December 2005 - Present

Fleet Readiness Center Southeast #1 (Vertical Lift)

NAS Mayport

Jacksonville, FL

Hours Worked per Week: 50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Giussippe Colesanti Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact

Lead Aviation Electrician

Effectively serve as member of the SH-60 maintenance team, with multiple responsibilities including inspection, troubleshooting/fault isolation, modification, testing and repair of aircraft electrical/environmental systems, including A/C, and maintaining current generating systems, solid-state direct current transformer rectifiers, power monitors, ground power switching, test cell instruments/controls, circuit protection, load distribution, relay networks, lighting, landing gear, warnings, engine starting and flight control electronic components, among others.


Assure work is performed in alignment with TDs and publications such as the 02B-105ALB-6-1, the Q2B-1O5AL6-6-2 MIMs for the Navy TF-34GE40OB Engine and the ZJ-TF34-1 16-1 thru 1 16-6, TF-34-GEIOOA Engine Develop W/OS/Routers, and are often the basis for Power Plant Changes (PPC) Local Engineering Specifications (LES). Provide exceptional technical advisement at other work centers, including troubleshooting/fault detection in electrical/environmental systems, with particular focus on effects on aircraft systems, i.e. radar, weapons release, navigation, flight control, communication, instruments, other systems/subsystems.


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Assist with on-the-job training for newly assigned personnel and regularly employ Total Quality Leadership (TQL) and Total Quality Management (TQM) processes while emphasizing the importance of observing all safety-related procedures/policies. Continually ensure adherence to these policies/procedures including that all materials/equipment are properly maintained and stored; also tasked with resolving array of day-to-day issues.


Additionally tasked to keep General Foreman, FST Site Lead and Department Head apprised of status of work on weekly basis; expertly analyze work requirements, determine number of man-hours required and develop assignments based on knowledge/skills of individuals capabilities. Set work pace, ensure fulfillment of tasks in alignment with priorities/deadlines and maintain records on status/progress of project(s). Utilize excellent written/verbal communication skills to interact with Engineers, Planners and Estimators (P&E), E&E, Methods and Standards personnel, Industrial Engineer Technicians (IETs), QAS, other artisans and command management to provide database utilized for updating maintenance manuals/technical directives.


Expertly interpret/assess technical data, define/initiate engineering changes, review Bills-of-Material and work orders to assure completeness, and identify need for routers, skills required, projected timeframes and needed materials to complete repairs/overhauls. To reach appropriate decisions utilize Technical Directives (TDs) Technical Orders (TOs), Maintenance Instruction Manuals, Local Engineering Specifications (LESs), Requests for Engineering Instruction (REls), Temporary Engineering Instruction (TEIs) blueprints and design change notices. Additionally employ Joint Engineering Data Management Information and Control System (JEDMICS) to access online documents, and have developed proficiency in Flight Critical Characteristics/Mission Essential Component Characteristics and Verification Checkpoints coding utilized on shop orders per NADEP JAX INST 4855 10F Quality Characteristics.


Skillfully prepare for/participate in readiness evaluations that include requisitioning/accounting for supply assets, assist QAS in quality verifications regarding modified MIL-STD-I 05d, and have conducted 18 quality audits including First Article inspections; additionally developed in-depth understanding of work progressions with capabilities in applying type I Mandatory Verification on all flight critical characters regarding A/C safety of flight. Have also developed proficiency in use of DEP 103/104 through MRPIL, clarifying documents including ADM-101 (NDMS Document Control System), MPT-101 (Create Item Master), NADEP JAX INST.4710/12F, Policy and procedures for Beyond Repair (BR)/Beyond Economical Repair (BER) material review of Fleet Exchange (FE) components, FRCSEINST 4730.3 Non-conforming product disposition for scrap, and ADCS Users Manual (Engines).


Highly experienced in monitoring/investigating/verifying work performance of employees; often called on to serve in supervisory role during weekly status meetings and provide status reports to management including Program Managers and Navy Wing representatives on up to 12 aircraft. Successfully interact with Sheet Metal Mechanics (SMMs), Aircraft Mechanics (ACMs), Machinists, other AEs, Electronic Mechanics (EMs), Painters, Aircraft Cleaners, Strippers and Nondestructive Inspectors (NDIs).

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As Electrical Examiner and Evaluator (E&E) also work closely with Planners and Estimators (P&E), Production Controllers (PCs), Engineering and Quality Assurance (QA) personnel, continually coordinating departmental interaction to ensure aircraft maintenance schedules are met and employing extensive knowledge of QA methods/principles/practices to analyze finished products, prevent defects and suggest corrective actions for product improvement.


Strong contributing participant to development of Quality Evaluation Programs (QUEPs), particularly the H-60 off-site program at Mayport, with responsibilities for evaluating production activities/capabilities to ensure conformity with contractual parameters regarding achievement and maintenance of full-life-cycle quality characteristics. Continually review quality inspection procedures to assure adequacy, and assess effectiveness of verification plans for routers/work orders.


Skillfully assist QAS with audits and surveillance inspections on supply system operations, packing/handling, shop processes, material processing, system documentation, tool control, parts manufacture, ground support equipment, work documentation and facility compliance instructions. Work closely with QA to submit Shop Order Change Requests designed to resolve discrepancies generated by Aircraft Deficiency Reports (ADR) and Quality Deficiency Notices (QDN), among others.


Often tasked to serve as H-60 program stand-in supervisor at Base; distribute assignments and develop planning for NDI and cleaners to assure availability of artisans to meet squadron in-service repair (ISR) requirements. Responsibilities have included issuing work assignments for up to 40 individuals working in ten separate aircraft in multiple areas on Base, and continually utilize subject matter expertise to assure efficient and cost-effective repairs. Additionally, for new personnel, initiate Individual Qualification Records (IQRs), sign off on demonstrated qualifications, and provide training as well as advisement when individuals meet qualification levels for promotion to higher grade.


Skillfully utilize subject matter expertise and experience to investigate any customer issues or deficiency reports and identify root cause(s) to determine corrective actions to be taken. Customize routers/work orders with surveillance and verification sampling plans associated with certification of depot-level rework/modifications/contract requirements; additionally often called on to assist in identifying work centers with identical capabilities for NAVAVNEDEPOT regarding establishing repair and maintaining/updating Capacity Requirement Planning for assigned aircraft/components. Regularly utilize production planning to develop pre-production plans such as the induction/evaluation/testing/repair/modification/assembly/delivery of aircraft sub-systems including fuel systems, computerized electronic systems, equipment and instruments.


Responsibilities also include conducting productivity studies/critical path analyses to identify any manufacturing/production bottlenecks; develop recommendations concerning reducing needed man-hours, turn-around time and costs while improving efficiencies and effective material usage. Regularly employ Microsoft software including Word/Access/Outlook, have been a strong contributing participant and often chairperson of teams consisting of Military, Production Control, Engineering, Management and non-government personnel, and transact leave/overtime authorizations.

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Continually employ dynamic written and oral communication skills, often utilizing PHONCON, with internal/external sources, customers and contacts, and in developing formal briefs, technical reports, studies, memoranda, diagrams and charts. Regularly submit recommendations on implementing practical/cost saving solutions to recurring/controversial issues through the Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps, and provide feedback to appropriate departments.


Have served as member of aircraft problem-solving teams dealing with such issues as providing for satellite manufacturing area for the Air Force PAVE-HAWK Program, Optical Alignment, aircraft prototype/reconfiguration, brainstorming and process action. Attended LEAN Basic Training and perform tasks using LEAN concepts, reduction of white time, Takt time, mapping and standards; actively participate in LEAN Six-Sigma 5-S events and represent organization on continuous improvement teams.


Additionally was tasked to serve as Aircraft Work Leader/Point-of-Contact for Air Force Special Operations H-60/H-53 prototype upgrade/modification program, which included aircraft re-skin, payload structural lifting enhancement, total rewiring/plumbing, SDLM overhaul, airframe changes and upgrades to avionics. Led reduction of TAT and man-hours by providing logistic input while initiating/coordinating production enhancements.


Hold multiple, comprehensive responsibilities and Work Leader/Point-of-Contact duties, including coordinating/prioritizing aircraft process from induction through delivery and ensuring currency/accuracy of technical data and availability of needed materials, hardware, tools and methodologies to execute logistics plan, incorporating air frame changes, designing installation drawings for aircraft modifications and collaborating with Engineering personnel regarding prototype design, manufacturing, fit, form and function while providing recommendations/input to Engineering plans/proposals/solution recommendations to logistics issues.


Continually assure that involved artisans are in possession of needed technical data to support processes/repairs/rework/modifications of assigned aircraft systems, schedule maintenance in alignment with trend analyses/man-power requirements/materials/lead times, and regularly resolve logistics problems as part of Continuous Process Improvement program. Provide briefings/recommendations to military and civilian leadership as part of problem definition/resolution analyses, serve as conduit between maintenance, repairs, modifications and logistics efforts, and monitor/report on execution of production/logistics of assigned aircraft and program plans.


Regularly review Engineering Proposals to analyze cost/staffing impact and provide input for milestone charts and solution recommendations based on analysis of performance, reliability and supportability; also employ Continual Improvement Process (CIP) toward reducing operational costs and implement LEAN principles for work space layout as well as work processes conducted on aircraft/components. Schedule work assignments in line with expertise/training of artisans, and developed logistics for satellite manufacturing and repair of electrical cables/harnesses for aircraft.

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Continually demonstrate expertise in techniques for performing/implementing Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM), Age Exploration (AE), Logistics Support Analysis (LSA) and Level of Repair (LOR) analyses. Diligently identify any Quality issues and work closely with QAS to ensure Quality Checkpoints are included in work documents to assure compliance. Identify resources for equipment, material and hardware supplies, ensured that on-hand/future supply needs are available or procured, accurately estimate costs for materials/labor to customers, identify areas for gains in productivity, develop logistics contingency plans and carry out methodologies of efficiency.


February 2002 February 2008


Naval Station Mayport

Jacksonville, FL

Hours Worked per Week: 50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A

Worker Leader (Aviation Electrician)

Provided exceptional subordinate training toward completing electrical modifications/repairs on H-60 aircraft, including developing daily work assignments to assure continual work flow and verifying that work orders were certified, correct and current. Carefully reviewed production work orders/documentation for traceable historic features, accuracy, adequate information and documentation covering technical directives, proper identification of shops/trades, and quality characteristics to be achieved. Assured that personnel had all needed electrical hardware kits, technical directives and detailed instructions and evaluated any discrepancies recommending authorized repair procedures. Regularly utilized technical manuals and instructions, accessory changes/bulletins, engineering specifications and current facility instructions to verify/certify work performed.


During tenure in assignment, troubleshot aircraft A/C and D/C power systems, generators, indication systems for engines/transmission, fuel quantity, pilot static, flight controls, navigational systems, blade fold, rescue hoist, lighting, landing gear, anti-ice and cabin heating/cooling environmental systems, fire detection armament, communication systems/equipment (radios, IFF, ICS, TAC) and AFCS.


Regularly requested new Engineering Instructions to deal with processes requiring not-yet-available data or instructions, and authored engineering requests on manuals/systems/modifications while assisting engineering personnel in prototype modifications/repairs/troubleshooting of electrical systems. Continually monitored work performance of subordinates, oversaw leave transactions/overtime and correlated work processes with depot trades that included Aircraft Sheet Metal Mechanics, Aircraft Mechanics, Machinists and NDI Technicians. Performed all aircraft electrical duties/assignments utilizing technical data, work decks, maintenance manuals, schematics, airframe changes and engineering instructions; also performed safety /quality control audits as member of Total Quality (TQ).

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Consistently ensured that all work was performed in alignment with technical data or specific instructions prior to signing off work decks/logbooks. Trained less experienced personnel on various procedures and tool/equipment usage, particularly on test equipment such as TTU-205, TF-20, TU-378, SAS/STABILATOR Tester, JET-CAL, VIDS Tester, meters meager and oscilloscopes to troubleshoot, repair, and calibrate aircraft systems. Reviewed contract requirements to identify needed processes, and coordinated/controlled discrepancies of aircraft and components to be reworked as well as discrepancy correction processes according to FRCSE instructions/contracts/inspection requirements. Employed visual inspections of wire bundle runs, coax connectors incorrectly assembled, electrical plugs with backshell, solder and braided wire defects, squadron requests and test flight discrepancies. Utilized depot-established criteria and processes covering capability, maintenance level, required safety issues, special processes, classification of damage and custodian responsibilities. Diligently reviewed, applied, developed and coordinated occurrence standards to establish operation standards; met on regular basis with supervisors, Squadron maintenance chiefs and Wing liaison personnel to determine timeframes of delivery to customers.



April 1995 December 1998

HSL 44

Naval Station Mayport

Jacksonville, FL

Hours Worked per Week: 50

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: William Coy Phone: 904.270.6844 May Contact

Aviation Electrician (MRL)

Expertly served as MRL Assistant Supervisor, Plant Captain and Collateral Duty Inspector (CDI), with responsibilities for evaluating aircraft logbooks and identifying removal/replacement intervals on Scheduled Removal Component Card (SRC) on H-60 aircraft, such as the landing gear, flight controls, boost servo and pitch bias. Gained crucial experience in testing/troubleshooting, analyzing, modifying and repairing complex electrical/electronic systems and components as well as repairing the main rotor head blade folding distribution and components. Designed and demonstrated methodology for troubleshooting difficult-to-locate electrical defaults in aircraft wiring harness that was utilized by AE Shop going forward.


Skillfully operated external power, troubleshot auxiliary power unit, removed/replaced blade fold harness, installed anti-ice equipment, removed/replaced tail wheel switch, forward lateral and aft transducer, engine starter and time recorder, and replaced the store pipe and blade fold accumulator. Also troubleshot the Fuel Quantity Indicating System utilizing the A1-H60BB-510-300, A1-H60CA-GAI-010, A1-H60BB-460-300 and Fuel Systems NAVAIR 16-1-540. Also employed NAVAIR 01-85ADC 2-1 manual, performed operational test on H-60 throttle control, visually checking all pushrods/cables/pulleys for damage, security and alignment. Scrupulously verified that throttle control movements coincided with the engine control box, and that electrical switches for starting, ignition and systems were within operational requirements. Successfully demonstrated excellent capabilities regarding Airframe Change maintenance on the DAFCS Computer, Fuel Quantity Integrity System, Pitot Static, Fire Detector, Interior/Exterior Lighting, Fire Bottle, Stray Voltage, Stab Checks, Ground Byte Test and Flight Control Test.

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Education/Specialized Training


Florida State College at Jacksonville, Jacksonville, FL

Associates Degree


Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Central College Texas Virginia AA, AA

Some College Coursework Completed

Advanced Algebra Studies


Lindsey Hopkins Technical School, Miami, FL/Jacksonville, FL

Electrical Residential, Commercial & Industrial Studies



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