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Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy

0000 xxxxxx xxxx , xxxx , xxxxx 00000


Country of Citizenship: United States

SSN: xxx-xx-xxxx

Veterans Preference: 5 points

Secret Security Clearance



Job Title:



Job Announcement Number:



Core Competencies

Public Health, Clinical Administration, Program Management/Implementation/Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, Supervision, Staff Mentoring, Workforce Development, Resource Management, Change Management, Proposal and Grant Response Writing/Creation, Critical Thinking, Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration, Program Planning/Development, Strategic Planning, Statistical Analysis/Reporting


Blackboard, Sakia, Z-Brush, EpiInfo, CDCs Patient Flow Analysis, SPSS, STATA, R, SQL, Hyper Research, Microsoft Office Professional Suite, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Adobe Photoshop Suite, Adobe Articulate Suite, and Adobe Captivate


Ph.D., Public Health and Epidemiology, Master of Public Health (MPH), Master of Social Work (MSW), Bachelor of Arts, Psychology


Professional Experience



March 2016 October 2016

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention (NCHHSTP)

Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, Prevention Programs Branch

Atlanta, GA

Hours per Week: 40+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Theresa Larkin Phone xxx-xxx-xxxx May Contact


Supervisor Public Health Analyst Branch Chief


Effectively managed/implemented HIV/AIDS prevention activities, collaborating with state/local health departments, community-based organizations (CBOs) and federal agencies. Integrated multiple funding opportunities, analyzed various proposals and provided program development, implementation, evaluation and comprehensive oversight. Insightfully established Branch


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mission/goals/performance standards and priorities, including work plan development and ensuring highest levels of reports and guidance Quality Assurance; also managed $400M budget.


Designed/implemented multiple programs/policies/activities supporting involvement by local communities with state/local public health departments; integrated HIV Prevention/Care Plans in 61 jurisdictions nationally. Skillfully developed crucial positive rapport with personnel at all organizational levels in support of promoting professionalism/compassion/integrity; also facilitated preparation/dissemination of HIV prevention program strategies and interfaced with multi-disciplinary colleagues in integrating community planning/HIV prevention activities.


Worked closely with national SMEs to identify/analyze/articulate guidance and specific recommendations and planned/implemented key projects focused on program/organizational effectiveness evaluation. Managed work performance of staff personnel, either directly or through subordinate supervisors, including senior level managers, public health advisors, community health planners, project officers, health scientist and support/administrative staff; personnel included eight direct/45 indirect reports.


Steered development of new operation programs and solicitation for HIV prevention; conducted scientific/administrative reviews and analyses of applications and proposals, suggested future programmatic emphasis and drafting of Funding Opportunity Announcements (cooperative agreements) based on scientific field knowledge.



March 2013 February 2016

New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH)

Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control

New York, NY

Hours per Week: 40+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Graham Harriman Phone: 347.396.7418 May Contact


Director of Training and Technical Assistance Program (T-TAP)


Provided exceptional coordination/implementation of national HIV/AIDS prevention strategies/program/policies, working with state/local health departments, CBOs and federal agencies through CDC-funded National Capacity Building Assistance for CBOs and health departments (CDC Funding 14-1403), HIV Care Coordination Training (Ryan White Part A), NYC Training and Technical Assistance (12-1201) and other NYC capacity building projects (City Tax Levy); budgets totaled in excess of $2.5M.


Held comprehensive responsibilities for establishing mission goals/performance standards using scientifically-proven theories/methodologies; also managed preparation/dissemination of program strategies for high-impact HIV prevention programs. Successfully oversaw/implemented NYC DOHMH National Capacity Building Assistance Program (CDC PS14-1403) for health departments and community organizations. Developed excellence in writing grant proposals and was successful in obtaining $1.8M in funding; was additionally responsible for developing/managing budgets and work plans, and provided National HIV/AIDS

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Strategy technical assistance concerning public health-related issues for capacity building. Managed policy/protocol/objective development for navigation programming, community planning, PEP/PrEP and other biomedical interventions, condom distribution and HIV testing activities related to high-impact prevention.


Negotiated contracts with training/technical assistance personnel, supervised development/testing/provision of manuals/toolkits/internet-based materials, designed best-in-class and distance learning programs using innovative approach, and planned/presented training systems for health practitioners/researchers/other professionals. Successfully designed policies/ objectives utilized during monitoring/evaluation/appraisal of public health programs, researched/analyzed problems brought about by controversial/complex/conflicting factors, and led national needs assessments, focus groups and CBO/health department assessments as part of CDC-funded Capacity Building assistance grant.


Assessed/resolved problems with internal/external programs, analyzed systems/strategies/services/health-related matters, identified areas requiring improvement as well as methodologies for accomplishing improvements, directed process/outcomes/program impact evaluation, and was source of technical expertise for agencies regarding planning/implementing/evaluating strategies for scaling-up prevention/diagnosis/treatment programs for HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.


Was responsible for daily activities of a Ryan White Part A self-management program entitled The Positive Life Workshop, for individuals with HIV; oversaw program budget, negotiated/managed contracts, and developed RFPs/scoring procedures for Workshop to transfer DOHMH-conducted program to community program with DOHMH oversight. Performed assessments/compliance reviews, negotiated/approved corrective actions, managed work performance of 14 direct report staff members, both directly as well as through use of subordinate supervisors. Was hiring manager for project managers, evaluators and training/technical assistance experts.


Provided insightful input on program issues for grantees/contractors while preparing applications/proposals; also oversaw contracts and purchasing to acquire expert HIV/AIDS service providers and evaluated contracted individuals/agencies. Steered development of new programs for HIV high-impact prevention initiatives, developed training tools to implement service delivery models, and directed transfer of culturally/linguistically/educationally appropriate information/skills through the Training and Technical Assistance Program. Managed acquisitions/grants, utilized science-based evaluation methods in providing Quality Assurance for training participants, and designed/implemented proper use of research tools concerning data reporting as well as tailoring various activities to health departments/CBOs.


Continually assured that appropriate data was utilized for processes and developed/utilized systematic methods for planning/performing public health program evaluations. Authored annual report on training and attitudinal or behavioral responses/changes developed and prepared reports and other project documentation.


Coordinated input from scientists from universities/medical institutions/health departments/ministries of public health/other involved agencies; oversaw training and technical assistance for DOHMH-funded agencies regarding testing/condom distribution/policy development/biomedical interventions/organizational development. Designed/implemented staff

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 4 of 10


development programs, ensured program QA/Quality Improvement to ensure cultural/educational/linguistic appropriateness, assessed information to identify challenges/gaps/needs/solutions, and developed SOPs regarding grant oversight and acquisition.


Collaborated with SMEs to develop public health messages; worked with HIV prevention programs to conduct research that promotes best practices and HIV service delivery and assisted in development/delivery of training and special studies. Assisted low-performing health departments with problem resolution, providing assessment and strategic planning in response to requests from CDC as well as program officers. Utilized public health data to develop action-oriented recommendations for health departments/CBOs and applied data to educate various groups.


Participated in development of various training materials to assist health service providers in supporting patients/clients, assuring inclusion of evidence-based interventions (EBI); trained peer educators, clinical/non-clinical service providers, social workers, students and patients and focused on Healthy Relationships, Couples HIV Prevention Counseling, HIV Prevention Peer Navigation, transgender health, and cultural/LGBT sensitivity. Additionally, was co-developer of PrEP, PEP and other biomedical interventions for healthcare providers.


Continually reviewed legislative activities and evaluated impact on public health programs; in collaboration with country programs promoted best practices, addressed barriers and responded to various issues concerning HIV service delivery. Analyzed program evaluation data for inclusion in annual reports, prepared reports/articles describing HIV study findings, and authored/co-authored conference posters, presentations and seminars based on various data analyses.



September 2013 January 2016

Rutgers University

School of Social Work

Newark, NJ

Hours per Week: 16+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Ericka Deglau Phone: 848.932.4429 May Contact


Part-Time Lecturer/Adjunct Faculty


Directed coursework in Research I, Introduction to Research Methods and Research II, Program Evaluation. Developed lesson plans and designed assignments/tests/quizzes that integrated online and face-to-face teaching/learning; coursework focused on program evaluation techniques, use of statistical methods in the social sciences and the use of data for community assessments; also utilized blackboard, document sharing and text messaging.



May 2010 February 2013

Cicatelli Associates Inc.

New York, NY

Hours per Week: 40+

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 5 of 10


Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Tony Jimenez Phone: 212.594.1266 May Contact


Deputy Director National Training Center for Family Planning/Senior Trainer


Expertly managed research/evaluation for training/technical assistance program ensuring use of scientific-based resources/tools/training. Utilized CDC software to conduct Patient Flow Analysis Studies regarding the integration of HIV services into reproductive health settings; also utilized data analysis to assist agencies with development of various policies/protocols and oversaw Clinic Efficiency Compendium of 12 agencies. As program lead, steered four-person distance learning team in designing/evaluating face-to-face as well as distance learning and designed/delivered multiple relevant courses; employed ADDIE and other Rapid Deployable design methodologies/principles.


Also designed on-line training for HIV prevention courses, including exploring use of gaming technologies; was presenter at national conference regarding use of gaming and virtual worlds and published information on gaming in Games for Health and International Journal of Gaming and Computer-Mediated Simulations (IJGCMS). Distance learning models included simulations, self-study modules and virtual classrooms; also communicated during conferences/training sessions using Twitter/Tweets.


Served as coordinator of National Training Center activities; maintained project website, prepared quarterly e-newsletter, managed e-resources library, designed graphic materials, coordinated national meetings/webinars, prepared reports for the DHH Office of Population Affairs (OPA) and interfaced with OPA training centers, collected/synthesize data and authored/submitted various narratives.



March 2000 April 2010

Development Systems Inc.

Kansas City, MO

Hours per Week: N/A

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N/A Phone: N/A May Contact: N/A


Program Manager HIV Integration / Missouri State Training Manager


For Region VI Title X Family Planning Training Center, provided exceptional management of HIV Service Integration and Prevention Counseling project; supervised work performance of a training/technical assistance provider and a program assistant and oversaw operational budget of CDC Service Integration Program as well as Title X Family Planning Region VII grant. Authored/submitted reports, grants and contract applications for CDC and the Missouri Department of Mental Health and worked with University of Missouri-Kansas City on research projects, grant development, focus group oversight, and data collection/analysis. Skillfully researched Patient Flow Analysis and Clinic Efficiency, collecting data and reporting findings to various agencies, and designed webinar training in DHHS Region VII for Title X funded programs.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 6 of 10


Designed distance learning and virtual reality (3D) representations of clinics integrating HIV training; 3D training was used in medical facility project management/QA projects. Was certified in Distance Learning Design from University of Indiana in 2004. Developed training curricula on national public health issues and served as Lead Trainer for Evidence-Based Interventions. Also conducted University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School student training, managed CDC Reproductive Health HIV Service Integration cooperative agreement, and maintained collaborative relationships with local/state/federal partners.



August 2002 June 2004

Swope Park Health Services

Kansas City, MO

Hours per Week: 20

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Eve McGee Phone: Unknown May Contact: N/A


Mental Health / Substance Abuse Counselor Intern


For this federally-qualified health center, provided group counseling in both outpatient and inpatient programs; utilized Missouri Mental Health Substance Abuse Data Collection System to conduct intake assessments as well as deliver Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on an individualized basis for patients. Additionally, led treatment groups employing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Rational Emotive and Gestalt Therapy techniques, Seeking Safety and other frameworks.



November 1998 January 2000

Kansas City AIDS Research Consortium

Kansas City, MO

Hours per Week: 40+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Jan Myers Phone: N/A Agency closed May Contact: N/A


Behavioral Specialist / Health Educator


In this assignment oversaw VAX004 HIV Vaccine Phase III Clinical Trial as well as recruitment/retention, health education and patient monitoring; collected behavioral data, conducted assessments and submitted/updated array of Institutional Review Board reports. Worked with/counseling caseload of 100+ Trial-participating patients on daily basis; performed National Nosocomial Infection Surveillance on newly-infected individuals and reported activities to Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB). Developed Trial-related training for clinicians/students/community, conducted various counseling actions and continually communicated with patients regarding behavioral changes.


Facilitated women-only meetings for individuals involved in commercial sex activities, providing health and prevention information; also served as Representative to City/State of Missouri HIV Prevention Planning Compliance Group of 40 individuals developing state-wide HIV prevention policies.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 7 of 10


August 1996 October 1998

Kansas City, Missouri Health Department HIV Services Program

Kansas City, MO

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Mark O Dell Phone: 816.5134.6008 May Contact


HIV Counseling and Testing Program Coordinator


Conscientiously monitored/evaluated activities to community-based organizations, continually identifying areas in need of improvement as well as methodologies for accomplishing task. Utilized monthly reporting forms, program evaluation and quality assessment tools, was strong participant in developing and awarding contracts, and provided contractors with training and technical assistance. Developed guidelines/policies for HIV-prevention education and coordinated local HIV prevention and outreach testing activities, applying evidence-based data to improve health outcomes. Was instrumental in designing/implementing Kansas City, Missouri, Health Department training/certification actions



August 1994 October 1996

Kansas City, Missouri Department of Health STD Program

Kansas City, MO

Hours per Week: 40

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: Mark O Dell Phone: 816.5134.6008 May Contact


STD Surveillance & Disease Intervention Specialist


Provided STD/HIV Case Finding and Surveillance services, and was project officer regarding grant applications, contracts and special-purpose procurement; initiated use of OraSure oral testing methodology in outreach settings and collected/reported Kansas City epidemiological STD/HIV data to CDC. Additionally, conducted primary/secondary HIV prevention activities for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV, notified individuals testing positive for these diseases and conducted/made available partner support services.



April 1983 October 1989

United States Army

Ft. McClellan, AL

Sierra Army Depot, CA

Camp Coiner, Korea

Ft. Carson, CO

Ft. Clayton, Panama

Pamarola Air Base, Honduras

Hours per Week: 40+

Salary: N/A

Supervisor: N?A Phone: 202.606.1800 May Contact: N/A


Military Police Officer

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 8 of 10


Expertly served as Squad Leader, with supervisory responsibilities for overseeing law enforcement and Special Response Team (SRT) performance of seven personnel, domestically as well as abroad; responsibilities included reporting all incidents in compliance with protocol/regulations, and providing Domestic Violence Protection, Emergency Response and field-based security. SRT duties encompassed Domestic and Foreign Service Rapid Deployable Force activities in Panama and Honduras. Additionally, was tasked with conducting Non-Commissioned Officer Development Training on such topics as Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Response, Proper Deployment of Emergency Teams and Intimate Partner Violence Response.






Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

Doctorate (Ph.D.), Public Health Epidemiology, 2016

GPA: 3.98

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


Walden University, Minneapolis, MN

Master of Public Health (MPH), Community Health, 2007

GPA: 3.98

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


University of Missouri at Kansas City Kansas City, MO

Master of Social Work (MSW), 2004

GPA: 3.85

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A


University of Missouri at Kansas City Kansas City, MO

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, 1994

GPA: 3.75

Semester/Credit Hours: N/A






Kelly, P., Witt, J., McEvers, K., Enriquez, M., Abshier, P., Vasquez, M., and McGee, E. (2012). Clinician perceptions of providing natural family planning methods in Title X funded clinics. Journal of Midwifery and Women s Health, 57, 35 42.


Abshier, P. (2012). Feasibility pilot study: Training soft skills in virtual worlds. Games for Health Journal: Research, Development, and Clinical Application, 1(2), 174 176.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 9 of 10


Abshier, P. (2012). Use of Virtual World for soft/communication skills training: Feasibility Assessment. International Journal of Gaming and Computer Mediated Simulations, 4(3), 8 9.


Abstract accepted US Conference on AIDS: Condom Distribution as a Structural Intervention (2015)


Abstract accepted National HIV/AIDS Prevention Conference: Integration of Condom Distribution into Evidence Based Interventions (2015)


Abstract accepted National HIV/AIDS Prevention Conference: Condom Distribution as a Structural Intervention (2015)


Abstract accepted National HIV/AIDS Prevention Conference: LGBTQ Changing Paradigms (2015)


Games for Health Conference - Best Practices for Role Playing Soft Skills in Virtual Worlds (2011)




Presentations and Trainings Conducted


Trainings for Clinicians and Allied Health Professionals: for service providers focusing on Behavior Change Counseling; Trauma Informed Care; Motivational Interviewing; Effective Outreach, Data usage for HIV Testing and Condom Distribution Outreach; HIV related Health Education, Domestic Violence, Human Sexuality, Risk Assessment for Medical Providers, LGBT Sensitivity, PEP/PrEP and other Biomedical Interventions; and Effective Use of Body Language; and Peer Outreach/Navigation (2000 present). NYCDOHMH, Cicatelli Associates, Inc. & Development Systems, Inc.


Quality Assurance of HIV Prevention Counseling Management Training (2002-2009). Development Systems, Inc.


Patient Flow Analysis: Monitoring Change and Efficiency (2000 2012) Cicatelli Associates, Inc. & Development Systems, Inc.


Motivational Interviewing and the Stages of Change (2000 - 2012). DOHMH, Cicatelli Associates, Inc., & Development Systems, Inc.


Adolescent Counseling and Education (2004-2012). KCDOH, Cicatelli Associates, Inc. & Development Systems, Inc.


Cohort Communications: HIV and the Older Adult. National Council on Aging (2000). Annual Conference. University of Missouri School of Social Work.


HIV Counseling, Testing and Referral Services (1994-2012). KCDOH, Cicatelli Associates, Inc.

& Development Systems, Inc.


HIV Case Finding in a Family Planning Setting (2003-2004). Development Systems, Inc.

Yyyyyy x. yyyyyy Page 9 of 10





Customer Satisfaction Award for HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Development, Kansas City, MO, 1997


Distinguished Public Service Award for HIV/STD Prevention Curriculum Development , Federal Executive Board, 1997


Army Achievement Medal for Meritorious Service with Oak Leaf Cluster, 1986, 1987


Letter of Commendation and Commanders Coin, Base Commander, Ft. Carson, CO, Deployment in Panama, 1986




Veterans of Foreign Wars, Member, 2011-Present


Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, New York City, 2012



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